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This book can be confusing at first until you realize that a lot of it is Kate Winter talking to herself! She is totally into mystic, astrology etc which she learned originally from her mother who was murdered while Kate watched. She has since gone to college and took psychology and is now an FBI profiler. She and one of her "friends" has started their own company which firgures out via astology when killers will strike again.

But there is someone from her past who will be getting out of a psych ward soon--and Kate senses it and attempts to get ready for it. When he finds her everything starts getting messy-bombs go off--people die--

Get ready for a LOT of twists and turns!

I received a copy of this book from the author for review purposes.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Amid the unseen world... Psychic Profiler Dr. Kate Winter is caught between new age mysteries, astrological signposts, and a man from her past who knows secrets. Long ago… A confrontation disintegrated into a murderous end, leaving two people to deal with the carnage. He’s back to finish what was left undone.


I’m not the person you remember. Revelations during meditation opened a portal to the mysterious and the veil became a doorway. Dug and discovered a way to plumb energetic cycles to tap the law of attraction and reel in future events. Took experience a step further. Forced to embrace more than can be proven.

The mind is my specialty. How I catch killers. What good is a premonition if I can’t peg the timing to the calendar? Kate thought.


Secrets buried deep, where Kate's most vulnerable. Clay’s on the outside, to protect their relationship and all they’ve built.

But what happens at their new California home throws them. Who is the blonde and what’s her role? Or is she part of the plot?

Across the veil, messages are cryptic.

The test comes in the moment. Preparation fails without action.


I’ve been up close with serial murderers, which is the work. Ego reveals mania.

Last year, a clear message dropped in. Let go. Prepare.

Time to face him.

End this.

“A thriller based around a psychic profiler and behavioral psychologist that will stay with me for a while. This was intense, creepy, nail-biting stuff that had me gripped. I read it in one sitting. I could not put this book down. Highly recommended.” - NetGalley Review

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Taylor writes thrillers.

Psychological thrillers found on a shelf near Barbara Copperthwaite, Megan Abbott, Rachel Hargrove... Taylor's badass women characters tread where safe spaces are hard to find.

"I took big risks with my latest novel. In MAY BE FATAL, I ask readers to go back and forth in history with the characters. The opening chapter occurs in 2009, with the next chapter 'Present Day.' It's a puzzle, a riddle until the plot unfolds." - Taylor Marsh

Marsh is a former Broadway performer and beauty queen who was the Relationship Consultant for LA WEEKLY, then the nation's top alternative newsweekly. Wrote and produced her one-woman show, "Weeping for J.F.K.," and dipped into talk radio. The author of two traditionally published non-fiction books, Taylor turned to thrillers in 2016.

She was profiled in The Washington Post and The New Republic for her coverage of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primary season. She was an early contributor to The Huffington Post in 2006 and has written for Washington, D.C.'s The Hill, as well as for U.S. News & World Report and for Zócalo Public Square in Los Angeles, among others. A veteran communicator and speaker, Taylor has also been interviewed by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera Media Network, and C-SPAN's Washington Journal, among other outlets.

Author's Website

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kywave said...

I am checking out this book now. Love the different elements of it! unfinished business always makes a good plot

Fiddlin' Dandi said...

I really enjoy thrillers, so this sounds very interesting!

Taylor Marsh said...

So appreciate your review. Thanks for reading!

Shirley OFlynn said...

Cosmic Tattoo sounds like an interesting read. I really enjoy thrillers and will check out this book.

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