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Book Review-The Blood of the Viper: A Kate Pomeroy Mystery #5-Linda Watkins

Friday, August 27, 2021

Another one I had to read straight through!

Kate and Jeremy are back on Storm Island and enjoying life until a stranger moves into one of the mansions on the island. He is a recluse--and for good reason--he is the one that everyone thought was dead--and a really bad person who wants Kate. He had abducted her in a previous book and she managed to escape--

Lots going on in this one along with some magic (Kate's ancestor was a witch but more like a healer). Kate goes to the hideaway that she thinks no one else can see to find herbal remedies for her patients.

Lots of excitement and twists and turns that will keep you reading---BUT have they really rid the world of the BLOOD this time? Read the book to find out!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

The blood waits...

Ancient and deadly, it hungers for a human soul, But over the centuries, it has developed infinite patience. It can wait...

Kate Pomeroy, back on Storm Island is enjoying the good life. She and her love, Jeremy, are now married and have a newborn child. Kate has returned to work at her clinic and basks in the normal life she's finally achieved. But dark forces continue to surround her and the threats she will now have to face may be the gravest yet. Will she once again triumph? Or will she finally succumb to the preternatural menace that threatens to consume her and the ones she loves?

The Blood of the Viper is the fifth novel in the award-winning Kate Pomeroy Gothic Mystery Series.

"If obsession, revenge, and blood-tingling scenes delight you, this is a series you don't want to miss. Phenomenal as always!" ~Susan Sewell for Readers Favorite

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Linda Watkins is the author of the multi-award-winning MATEGUAS ISLAND SERIES. She currently resides in Sedona, Arizona and, in another life, was a Senior Clinical Financial Analyst at Stanford University School of Medicine. In 2006, she packed her belongings and, along with her four rescue dogs, took the plunge and moved to a remote island off the coast of Maine. It was there that she wrote MATEGUAS ISLAND, which has garnered the following awards:

* 2014 Gold Medal, Supernatural Fiction, Readers Favorite International Book Award Competition
* 2014 First Place Award, Contemporary Gothic, Chanticleer Book Review, Paranormal Awards
* 2015 Outstanding Novel in Horror/Suspense, IAN Book of the Year Awards

The second novel in the series, RETURN TO MATEGUAS ISLAND, was also awarded a First Place in Contemporary Gothic Fiction in the 2015 Chanticleer Book Review’s Paranormal Awards and was named 2015 Finalist in Horror by Readers Favorite International Book Award Competition, and 2016 Finalist in Horror by the IAN Book of the Year Awards.

GHOSTS OF MATEGUAS, the third novel in the series, was published in early 2016 and, in 2017, was named "Finalist in Thrillers" in the Book Excellence Awards and "Finalist in Horror/Suspense" in the IAN Book of the Year Awards.

In addition to the MATEGUAS books, in 2017, Linda published a new stand-alone novel, SUMMER GIRL, and a novella, SARAH & ZOEY, A STORY ABOUT THE POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Today, she is working on a new series of gothic fiction, THE KATE POMEROY MYSTERIES, the first installment of which she hopes to publish in late 2018. Also, on her agenda will be to write the fourth installment in THE MATEGUAS SERIES.

Serious about dog welfare and rescue, all net proceeds from sales of THE MATEGUAS ISLAND SERIES are donated to Linda's charitable trust, The Raison d'Etre Fund for Dogs, Dedicated to Rescue and Research.

Linda is a member of the Horror Writers Association, The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers, The International Association of Crime Writers (N.A.), and the Authors Guild.

To take a look at her other works or communicate with her, please visit her website (, her blog where she posts book reviews and other features ( and/or her novel website, dedicated to the Mateguas Island Series (

Author's Website

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