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$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-Please Explain Alzheimer's Disease to Me- Laurie Zelinger Ends 8/29

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

My Grandmother had some type of dementia at a relatively early age. Back then they could not differentiate Alzheimer's from other forms of dementia. I was a pre-teen when she finally had to go into a nursing home. What I remember most is she would look at me and ask--who is that pretty girl? She did not remember me or my Mom---but somehow while she was there she managed to get herself a boyfriend! I remember having many questions back them none of which my Mom could answer.

This book is geared to those younger then I was back then. It was difficult for me to understand--I can only imagine how confusing it is for young children. This book may help to make them feel better and not be so scared. There is a section for parents that will help them to be able to explain what is happening and alleviate some of the fears.

As the population ages more and more cases of one form of dementia or another are becoming more prevalent. Even if you aren't being affected currently you may be in the future or someone close to you--this book will help you!!

Please Explain Alzheimer's Disease to Me introduces the condition to children in a colorful, sensitive and gentle story, followed by a parent/caregiver section that supplies comprehensive information that adults can use to understand and plan for the course of the disease affecting their loved one. Dr. Zelinger, a board-certified psychologist for children, presents the situation to children in a warm, developmentally appropriate way using appealing characters of diversity, child friendly language and familiar scenes they can relate to, as well as scripts that parents can use when speaking to their child. This book is more than a helpful guide-it's the only book you will need if you have a child who is asking, "What's wrong with grandpa?" 

Children will: 
- Enjoy the story and illustrations and will identify with the main characters 
- Get answers to their questions 
- Grasp the nature and reason for a grandparent's changes 
- Learn basic biological information about brain function 
- Understand why a grandparent will require more care 
- Feel empowered and find ways they can be helpful 

Parents and caregivers will: 
- Have word-for-word scripts available to answer their child's questions 
- Learn about the progression of the disease 
- Understand their role and the nature of care that is required 
- Gain information for decision-making in areas of medical, emotional and daily care 
- Know they are not alone in this difficult journey 

"Dr. Zelinger has provided an engaging book that presents important information in a user-friendly format and offers adults the foundation for easily engaging children in what may initially seem like a very difficult discussion. I will be sure to recommend this resource to everyone I know in the 'sandwich generation.'" -- Shane S. Bush, Ph.D., ABPP, Board Certified in Geropsychology, President, American Board of Geropsychology 

"Dr. Zelinger's book helps take the mystery out of a truly mystifying disease. The children's story will help reduce the anxiety and fear a child may have when faced with one suffering from Alzheimer's, and the adult portion of this book gives practical examples to help guide the adult when questions arise. A truly informative and inspired book." -- Marilyn Cherney, occupational therapist; grandmother 

"Dr. Zelinger takes a painful topic for both children and parents alike and turns it into a beautiful story and a detailed handbook that gives us the tools we need to broach a topic we all hope to never have to face. This book is a must-read for families facing the challenges that come along with a loved one experiencing Alzheimer's disease." -- Avi Satt, president, Allegria Senior Living "A very much-needed book to explain a difficult topic to our children and ourselves. Dr. Zelinger's warmth, insight and clinical judgment shine through her every page! This is a superlative book that will get front row billing on my office bookshelf." -- Deborah Lief-Dienstag MD, FAAP, pediatrician 

From the Please Explain series at Loving Healing Press.

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About the Author
Dr. Laurie Zelinger, Diplomate, is a Board Certified Psychologist with a specialty in School Psychology, and a Registered Play Therapist with forty years' experience. She is a licensed New York State psychologist who recently retired from a Long Island public school system and is now devoting her time exclusively to writing, consulting, and her busy private practice. Dr. Laurie's previous books include: "Please Explain Anxiety to Me: Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents," The "O MY" in TonsillectOMY & AdenoidectOMY: How to Prepare Your Child for Surgery (in its second edition), A Smart Girl's Guide to Liking Herself Even on the Bad Days for American Girl, and a chapter on selective mutism in the compendium, School Based Play Therapy (second edition). She is also credited with being a consultant for the Bitty Baby book series by American Girl where she assisted in the development of the "For Parents" sections, as well as editorial development of another American Girl book. Dr. Laurie's interest in writing began in 4th grade, when a play she wrote was performed by students in her public school. Dr. Zelinger is a fellow and elected officer in the nationally based American Academy of School Psychology and spent four years on the Executive Board of the New York Association of Play Therapy. As a media referral specialist for the American Psychological Association, she has contributed to nearly 200 venues regarding child development. Dr. Laurie and her psychologist husband, Dr. Fred, are both certified Red Cross Disaster Mental Health volunteers. They have been happily married for over thirty-five years and have raised four children. You can learn more about Dr. Zelinger and her books at DrZelinger dot com. 

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Jeanna Massman said...

I would probably say something like Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes someone to sometimes forget the things they used to remember.

Shirley OFlynn said...

I would explain it as a disease that makes people forget.

Deb PelletierC said...

that it's a illness, and they maybe forgetful and need help with everyday care.

Darlene said...

I would explain it as a nasty disease that will hurt a lot of people.

Dobie said...

I would tell them that it is a disease where they become forgetful and need help taking care of themselves. My grandpa had it and he reverted back to childhood memories

bn100 said...

disease that causes memory loss

lildevilgirl22 said...

I would explain that it is a terrible disease where the person eventually forgets things and reverts memory wise to when they were much younger.

Maryann D. said...

Alzheimer's Disease can be difficult to explain to a child. I would say it affect thinking and memory and a brain disorder.
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Rita Wray said...

I would say you don't remember all the things you remembered before .

Michele S. said...

I do not have to.. their grandmother has it and they understand it first hand.

katieoscarlet said...

I'm not educated enough on the subject to be able to tell a child much but I would expain that sometimes people get sick and it effects their memory

susan1215 said...

My children understand Alzheimers as both of their Grandmothers have passed from it and they were there through all of the changes.

bellagirl07 said...

I would explain Alzheimer's Disease to a child by saying to them that it is like forgetting something.
Heather hgtempaddy

Clem said...

I would say it causes the person to lose their memories.

David Hollingsworth said...

I don't have children, but if I did, I would tell them that it is something that happens to you when you get older.

Kari B said...

I would explain it as forgetfulness.

Barbara Montag said...

I would say that sometimes when we get older, our brain gets tired and doesn't work as well.

cdllegg122 said...

i would simply say its the growing old process it makes older people forget things they once knew even though they didnt want to forget n its something they cannot help a simple health issue

PAIGE said...

I would explain to them just as I explain all diseases. Very simple in a language they understand

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