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Essential Tremor?

Thursday, July 15, 2021

It is pretty embarrassing when you are in a restaurant and are attempting to eat soup. Your hand is shaking and you can not get the spoon to your mouth because your hand is shaking. Well that is what happens to me and I never understood why until I saw an article on Essential Tremors. I am not sure that is what is wrong but since I will be going to the doctor today anyway you know I will be asking!! I know I have arthritis in my hands because they cramp up every once in a while-at least I think it is arthritis--will ask the doctor about that as well.

So what is Essential Tremor? I googled around and found some information.

Click in to see what WebMD has to say

Well until I see and speak with my doctor I will not know for sure. I will write more about this when I find out what is happening with me!

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tisme143 said...

I am sorry that you have tremors, I hope your Dr can work with you and finding more answers and possibly a cure for what is going on with you.

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