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Do You Eat Only Organic? I Don't!

Friday, July 23, 2021

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Do You Eat Only Organic? I Don't! And here is why--The Wind.

I've been thinking this for a very long time--and whether you agree with me or not--we can agree to disagree.

Unless the produce is grown in a greenhouse and on tables above ground then even if the person growing whatever uses no pesticides whatsoever--the wind can bring those pesticides to their farm from many many miles away! If you have been reading or listening to the news you are aware of the horrible fires burning in Oregon and California. Well the wind brought that smoke right across the country!

Now I am not saying I never buy organic--sometimes the price is lower then the non organic. But I am not fooling myself--our bodies are already filled with chemicals and I really attempt not to add any more but eating only organic is not going to keep those extra chemicals out! Only stopping using pesticides and starting to use natural forms of pest control will ever do that in my humble opinion.

Do you buy organic or not--is it the price that is stopping you--or do you think like I do?

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