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Lemon In the Summertime

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Although I love the taste of lemon all year long I seem to crave the taste more as the temperature rises. In the summer I tend to switch from coffee to iced tea. If I am out I drop by Dunkin Donuts and order a large iced tea with 4 sweet and lows (don't judge!) and lemon slices please! I constantly reuse those large cups when I make iced tea at home. They really are the perfect size-I also wash and reuse the straws.

I have found that the tea bags I prefer are from Bigalow--the Bigelow Earl Grey Black Tea Bags have a lemony flavor which, as it turns out is actually rich citrusy Pure bergamot oil from Calabria, Italy. Whatever--to my taste buds it screams lemons! When I make iced tea at home all I do is add two sweet and lows to that Dunkin Donuts cup-add water to fill-open one tea bag. I let the string hang out of the cup. I put the cover back on and put it in the refrigerator until it is nice and cool! If I use a different tea then I also add a couple of squirts of lemon. I usually do not buy fresh lemons as they go bad too fast.

I will usually buy something like True Lemon which is in a powder form and individually wrapped or one of those squeeze bottles you see in the grocery stores.

I also love lemon sprinkled on chicken breasts and any cookie or cake which has a lemony flavor. I recently purchased pre sliced loaf cake (I think of it as pound cake)--lemon of course!! There are 10 slices in each container. I'm not sure whether the store makes it themselves or they repackage it from somewhere else. All I know is it is absolutely delicious and stays moist and tastes lemony for the longest time!

Of course I will use lemon year round--but I seem to crave it more when the temperature outside starts to rise. What about you? Do you crave lemons or something else no matter what time of year it is.

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