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Changes All Around

Saturday, June 5, 2021

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Most of the time I don't mind change--I just try to go with the flow. Although Facebook drives me somewhat crazy with the changes that they pop up on us--I manage to adjust eventually! Wearing a mask--ok no problem even though I find it more difficult to breathe and unlike some--it is not helping with my allergies. And lately I have been forgetting to put it on. What that means is I have to re enter my apartment and get it. Luckily there is a sign next to the elevator that reminds me. I have had the two shots but I really do not feel ready to totally give up that mask.

After I received both shots I have not been the same--both my legs, ankles and lower legs swell--and not just a little-it got to the point where I could not put my shoes on! Well the doctor took one look and immediately had me on a generic form of a very strong water pill--one where you had to take potassium with it. It worked--but once I stopped-the swelling has come back-just not as bad. But I do remember to take the original water pill I had been taking prior to the shots!

The internet has become my friend--I find myself using Instacart a lot for my grocery shopping-especially any heavy items. I still go to the supermarket for fresh produce and meats (wearing my mask of course). I have even taken the plunge and have recurring orders from Petco and Amazon for my cat's heavy items, litter and food. I find myself purchasing clothes and other items on the internet as well. Of course I do have to remember to go down to the mailbox area --sometimes things are not left at my door. Luckily the litter always is left at my door or I would change where I get it from!

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There are some items I am needing but am waiting for Prime Days-hoping I can save some money! I am a member of Prime and it has saved me a lot of money on shipping! Prime Day is coming up on June 21 and June 22. Sign up for Prime now if you are not already--

As the caregiver for my 98 year old Mom-who is in amazingly good shape-I have to pay her bills. I have spent hours on the phone attempting this--I do succeed--but when we both happen to use the same companies for say insurance--what craziness. I sometimes wonder if it would be easier to just write a check-but I am nothing if not stubborn. I have tried paying them over the internet but they keep reverting to my account-thus the hours on the phone. My Mom simply refuses to have these particular bills on auto pay----For my bills I either have them on auto pay or go in each month and pay them over the internet.

Now for the change which will be coming and I'm really kind of upset about--my bank which I have been with for approx 30 years is leaving the country. Well not entirely--they will keep the wealthy-of which I am not one. I received the email about the change recently and I am thinking of all the places I will have to change the account number--I'm not even sure what bank I will suddenly be with-they have not let us know that yet. I know the banks I do not want to be involved with--but what about fees and how easy it it to set up etc etc etc---the bank teller told me it will be about a year before it actually happens--so I have a year to ruminate and worry!!

Well that is about it for now. What changes have happened or are about to happen in your life?

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