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Book Review-Oh! Olivia: A Calico Cat Mystery-Patricia Fry

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I have always loved the Klepto Cat mysteries by this author-I think I read almost every one of them! Well she has started a new series--thankfully Rags (Klepto Cat) is included in this series.

Olivia is a Calico-a bit of a tom boy and very intelligent when she isn't needing a bath. She actually loves water. She goes everywhere with her Mom and is a therapy cat who can be very loving and sweet. She helps find a little boy in this story and lies next to him until help arrives. She could also put Houdini to shame as you will find out. No one is keeping her in jail when there is a baby crying!!

Olivia and Rags get together (with their Mom's) to try and solve a mystery that happened many years ago. Will they be able to figure it out?

Warning--there is a cliffhanger in this one and it made me go OH NO. Well I was planning to get the next in this series anyway--just hope it is almost ready!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Olivia proves she’s not just a pretty face. Parker Campbell, an investigative reporter, and her calico cat, Olivia, have been summoned to help save a long-standing cat colony site from the grips of eager developers. They arrive on scene to discover that the property has become enshrouded in a most unsettling mystery. The feral cats are digging up personal items belonging to missing persons who vanished years earlier. Was this the site of a mass murder, a cult ritual gone wrong, or an unexplained phenomenon? Parker teams up with Detective Judson Caldwell, who has taken a personal leave to secretly investigate the mystery, and soon learns what drives his obsession with this case.Olivia, the sweet and sassy calico, struts her stuff in this story. She locates a lost toddler and ends up getting herself arrested. She isn’t about to take this insult lying down, however. She escapes from custody and trashes the police station. Olivia alerts Parker to trouble when they visit her aunt’s home and find that the woman has detained a burglar in a most unusual way. Olivia also finds major clues in the convoluted cat colony mystery, one that promises a glimmer of hope for a long-grieving parent.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)(picture from her website)

There is a comprehensive biography of Patricia Fry which can be viewed here. This is one interesting woman! She also writes an amazing blog all about cats!


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