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$100 GC to CopperJoint GA-1-US/CAN-Ends 6/20

Monday, June 7, 2021


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With my rapidly aging body I certainly could use this-especially for my ankles and feet. They have been taking a beating lately--just today a gentleman at the supermarket dropped the biggest container of Tide right on my foot-he did not mean to but it hurts a lot--and that ankle was already swollen!

My hands could use a lot of help as well--arthritis--I guess I am getting old!

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The benefits of compression on joint-pain relief and muscle repair are well-documented. So, what’s with copper? Although not yet scientifically proven, users have hailed the healing power of copper for years. It is believed that damaged nerves trap electricity in your body causing pain, burning, redness, loss of appetite, insomnia, headaches, and more. Copper pulls the electricity from your body to relieve your pain and allows you to heal. CopperJoint products utilize genuine copper ions (Cu+ and Cu++ to you chemistry majors) rather than copper oxide (Cu2O). This is an important distinction because cheaper, less effective products use copper oxide – and the truth is copper oxide is NOT copper. We believe that if you are buying copper-infused compression garments for copper’s healing properties you better get actual copper. And copper is the reason we feel our garments work so well under any load, stress, or circumstance.

Perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels, CopperJoint products are designed to enhance performance, speed recovery, and provide relief from injury, inflammation, and arthritis. Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply an active parent or grandparent, CopperJoint’s copper-infused garments provide optimal articulation and muscle support to make you feel great – no matter where, no matter when, and no matter what you’re up to. Now one lucky winner will receive a $100 gift code to buy any CopperJoint products of their own. Enter on the Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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Shirley OFlynn said...

I would buy Running Copper Compression Socks and the Knee Sleeve Pro to help with pain relief and swelling.

bn100 said...

Copper Knee Compression Sleeve PRO for kneww pain

le p said...

Copper Fingerless Compression Gloves would be great. the hands are always aching. thanks

Jeanna Massman said...

My husband has arthritis in his hands and could really use the fingerless compression gloves.

jjmon2012 said...

I get shots in my hands and thumbs ever 3 or 4 months. Sometimes the shot work really well other time so so I would pick

Copper Compression Wrist Sleeve w/ Thumb Support

Melissa C. said...

The knee sleeve pro because my knees hurt

eRic said...

I could def use the knee sleeves!

ken ohl said...

This would be so great for my wife and myself

Brian E. said...

I would try a Copper Compression Elbow Sleeve to deal with recurrent lateral epicondylitis !!!

Betty C said...

I would like to try a Copper Compression Knee Sleeve. My knees are in bad shape.

Stacey Smith said...

I would love to get the https://www.copperjoint.com/products/copper-compression-knee-sleeve/
my knees are bad.

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