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The Only Dry Cat Food My Cat Will Eat

Friday, April 2, 2021

Baby, my very spoiled cat insists that she get what she likes and does not care if it might be a bit more expensive. I actually have to buy deli turkey or ham for her snacks and if the package is a little over 3 days old--she just will not eat it!! It is still good--cause I end up eating it!! There are a couple of wet cat foods she will eat but not many. Dry food is where she really puts her paw down!!

I do keep dry food out for her in her bowl at all times--but it seems every time I look at that bowl it is almost empty!! And if she is near me at the time she stares at the bowl and then glares at me!! I have tried other dried food but she just sticks her nose up at them and then proceeds to make a pain out of herself until I give her something she wants--hopefully more of her dry food but she will settle for one of the wet treats.

Does your cat(s) have a favorite dry food that they just will not live without?

A picked upon furbaby mom!!

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megana said...

Fancy Feast is the best! Yay for happy kitties!

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