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Review of my Hostess Gifts from Princess House

Sunday, April 25, 2021

I found the big box in front of my apartment door which is a big plus because otherwise I would have had to lug it up from the mailroom! When I opened the box there were 4 more boxes inside. I decided to wait to open them until this morning. Of course my cat Baby was watching intently the entire time. She wanted all those boxes! She tried to sit in the box with the knives in it--but it was much to skinny. She continued waiting. Each item was additionally wrapped in plastic and came with instructions on how ro use and care for the item. The three knives (as shown above) also come with individual covers for storage purposes as they are sharp!

Then came the next 2 boxes--the small and the medium produce savers. They came in separate boxes each in protective plastic. The reason I really wanted these two was that there is a collander built right in and side flaps in case the produce needs a bit more air. So now I will be able to rinse off the veggies and not have to worry about putting them back in their original containers. I will be using the small one for fresh mushrooms as they seem to go bad the fastest when I leave them in the original container.

Last but not least came the largest box. It contained the Straining Sauce Pan The glass cover came wrapped in it's own corregated material-then of course the pot itself-individual plastic wrap for both. It comes with instructions on how to use which I will have to read-I've never used such a high end pot before.

I put all the empty boxes back into the big outter box and now my cat is complaining because she wanted the entire big box for herself!!

Before I go I want you to see what some people bought from my party! A Princess House Electic Kettle Amalia Flatware 12 pc service for 4 Amalia Flatware Iced tea Spoons (4)

There are still early bird sales going on and other sales as well! Just click in HERE then click on my open parties up top--just choose whichever hostess is there!

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