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Book Review-A Midlife CATastrophe-Morgana Best

Monday, April 12, 2021

This book had me shaking my head and laughing alternately! Can you imagine divorcing your no good cheating husband-picking up and moving to a different town--buying a bookstore-then finding out the resident cat could speak-English! Well that is what happened to Nell Darling. And to top it all off--she is woken by said cat who tells her there is a dead body in her store!!

As she and her new friends--all characters in their own right--try to find the killer lots happens that will keep you reading. Of course there is a detective who attempts to stop them from investigating---

Nell literally catches the killer---sometimes menopause can be a good thing!! I can't write too much more or will give away all of the secrets revealed--but if you enjoy a good clean book and need a laugh or three--go get this book and read it!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

When Nell Darling moves to a small Aussie mountain town after a messy divorce, she decides her life will be purrfect. But life has decided to be no such thing! Nell discovers a body, buys a mysterious bookstore, and starts to suspect she is losing her mind--all because a local cat, JenniFur, begins stopping by for a chat.

Yet Nell has no time to paws and reflect. Soon she is chasing her tail to solve the murder. Hot on her heels is the dreamy Detective Caspian Cole, who seems to think Nell is mad fur real. But it doesn't matter what Detective Cole thinks, because Nell is about to discover that menopause doesn't mean her life is put on pause.

In fact, menopause is a sign that Nell's has finally begun.

Litter-ally a fun read for women who are coming into their power!

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best, survived a childhood of deadly spiders and venomous snakes in the Australian outback. Morgana Best writes cozy mysteries and enjoys thinking of delightful new ways to murder her victims.

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