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I Finished my Taxes!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

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Yes, I finished my taxes and sent them in via the internet. I don't owe as much as I did last year but then with the pandemic I did not earn as much either. One thing I did different this year--I switched from Turbo Tax which I had used for many many years. They priced themselves out of what I was willing to pay. And they changed the entire program around--they automatically put you on the free platform--then when you actually need one of the others (which I do)--let's just say I had to ask for help--they sent me a url which said essentially if I wanted to do it I would have to upgrade!!

I did a bit of research and decided to use Credit Karma. It was totally free for both Federal and State. You kind of have to know what you are doing. Also it can only do one state which was not a problem for me. It allowed me to do 2 schedule c's and the 1040 plus the state--they did not charge a cent. It is more simplistic then Turbo--so if you really do not know what you are doing--either go to a tax preparer or attempt to use Turbo or one of the others out there.

For research I used a Kiplinger report which ranked 10 of them.

Now I have to do my Mom's taxes-----I kind of hope that the people who set ip in the libraries to do taxes free are there this year!! Otherwise---guess who will be doing it.

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megana said...

Taxes are not fun. Very happy you got that out of the way!

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