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I Tried Nuts.com!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

This pic is from Nuts.com Facebook page)

This in NOT a sponsored post. I will receive absolutely nothing for posting this!

I spotted this company as I was browsing through my Facebook Timeline. I decided to take a peek because I saw Mini Gourmet Fruit Slices. Once I went in I saw one of my all time favorites-Sunkist Fruit Gems individually wrapped! I clicked to purchase them!!

I kept browsing and spotted Green Bean Chips. I haven't been able to find the brand I usually get so I grabbed one of them as well. These are not the kind I usually get. These are actual green beans which have been dehydrated. I did enjoy eating them as is but then decided to try something.

I took a handful or two of the green beans and put them in a bowl--I added hot water and let them soak until I could feel that they had ostly rehydrated. I threw the beans and the water into a pot and heated on the stove (I covered the pot). They were delicious--just like the Green Beans that came out of my Grandmother's garden way back when!! I may try some of the other dehydrated veggies next time, but I will surely get these again!!

I continued to browse and spotted Red Raspberry Jam. I actually needed some. And I love Red Raspberry Jam--I got it with seeds but they do have it without. It is some of the best jam I have ever tasted!!

There are lots of jams on this site and some with no sugar added!! There are also lots of other items including Nuts of all kinds of course!!

YES, I will be purchasing from them again!!!!

This in NOT a sponsored post. I will receive absolutely nothing for posting this! All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook or Google.


megana said...

I had never heard of Nuts.com! I love those fruit slices too! I will definitely have to browse this site. Thanks for the recommendation!

teffers8464 said...

It’s so hard to wind salted walnuts where I live

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