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Book Review-Unbaked Croakies-Sam Cheever

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I have to admit I got kind of confused while reading this book. It was scattered with extremely inventive words--spoken by very unusual characters.

Naida Griffith was a strong sorceress by birth--but was not aware of it since she was brought up by her grandmother who did not beleive in such things. She was contacted after she turned 18 and informed by a magical society that she was to become the magical librarian in a bookstore in Coventry. She knew NOTHING--but figured she's give it a try.

The woman who was to train her was-to say the least-rather unusual and had a tendency to let Naida more or less learn on her own. The resident cat--well---and the frog that lived in her teacher's hair? Then there were all the other mythical creatures, some good, some bad that she encounters while trying to figure out who stole the suitcase, murdered someone and caused many, many problems!

This was extremely light reading which lovers of this genre will enjoy. I do admit I found myself chuckling at parts of it!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

How in the name of the goddess’s favorite sports bra am I going to do this Magical Librarian job? I have no idea what I’m doing. And the woman who’s supposed to be training me is…well, let’s just say she’s distracted and leave it at that. I guess I’ll bumble through. It’s become something of a trademark move for me.

My name is Naida Griffith and I’m a sorceress. I actually found that out not too long ago. I’ve lived with an undefined something burning in my belly for a while, feeling as if something wasn’t quite right under my skin. Then, on my eighteenth birthday I started getting headaches. Bad ones. And random stuff started following me around.

Recently I was approached by a group called the Société of Dire Magic to become Keeper of the Artifacts. A magical librarian. Given that magical artifacts have taken to following me around, I decided I might have an aptitude for the job. So I said yes. But in the first few days, I’ve been flogged by flip flops, bludgeoned by gnomes, and discovered a corpse in a suitcase. Then there’s the woman who’s supposed to be training me. She’s…interesting.

Will I survive the training long enough to get the job as an artifact librarian? You might as well ask me if a caterpillar gets manis or pedis. Who knows? But I know one thing for sure. This gig is hard.

I’m going to do my best to succeed. Or die trying.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Nobody really cares that Sam Cheever is a USA Today Bestselling Author. Nobody cares that she's written a whole ton of fun and snappy books. Let's face it, the most interesting thing about Sam is the fact that she's a dogaholic. Yeah, there's no Dogaholic's Anonymous chapter that can help her. Believe me, she's looked. So Sam deals with her problem the best way she knows how. She digs into the mountains of personal experiences (mostly involving dog poo) to write GREAT dog characters.

Oh, and there are some people in her books too. She's also pretty good at those.

Want to ask Sam about her dogs...erm...books? You can connect with her at one of the following places. Just don't ask her why she has 16 dogs. Nobody in the whole wide world can answer that.

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tat2gurlzrock said...

This storyline is def different. Thanks for the review.

NenaS said...

I love no-bake cookies! I've got to purchase this book!

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