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Dunkin's Fudge Brownies are Back!

Friday, January 8, 2021

This is not a sponsered post! I will receive absolutely nothing for posting this!

I go to Dunkin's at least once a week--it is just before my client and I need that coffee to get through my day. Well the last time I was in there I noticed that those delicious Fudge Brownies were back. They are honestly melt in your mouth heaven. You can usually spot them in a box near the register-they are individually wrapped so they are not with the donuts. They also have a new coffee blend which I decided to try since I really needed to wake up!

There are 3 new blends that include espresso I beleive. The first time I tried the strongest. It was a bit too strong for my taste but I finished it--and it did wake me up!! There is also a Dunkin's right next to the grocery store where I shop the most.

I stopped in after shopping and of course grabbed one of those brownies. This time I asked for the new blend but the one in the middle. They each have a name which, of course, I can't remember. I definitely will be getting this one again. It was a bit less strong and the way I take it it was perfect for me. I will probably try the least strong of them next time jsut to make sure I like door #2 the best.

One thing I noticed--they are now using paper cups instead of styrofoam. I was able to hold the cup without one of those holders they give you so maybe the coffee isn't being made as hot as it used to be or maybe because I take it very light that is why. The lid is still plastic and they now use that little stick thing in the sipping hole (like the one Starbucks always uses).

At any rate--Dunkin's is still my favorite coffee. I am contemplating purchasing a bunch of those brownies the next time I am there so I have them in my apartment---they really are VERY good!!

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tat2gurlzrock said...

I have never had these. I need to see if our Dunkin has them!

Leela said...

I never knew they sold brownies. I'll have to check them out.

bellagirl07 said...

I have never had one of these but now I so want to try them.

megana said...

I've never had these! BUT brownies are my favorite thing in the entire world to eat! I am def getting them soon!

Jeanine Carlson said...

we don't have Dunkun's around here, which is just as wellbecause I would feel like I should go try one of those brownies. I'm good! Been trying to stay good, ha ha!

Bailey Swicegood said...

Def looking for that next visit!

Mr. P said...

They stopped selling these....again. This is the second time that they offered these gluten free brownies only to pull them after a few months. Why??

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