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Day 1 of a Brand New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2021

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I'm not really done with last year yet--still have clients payroll and year end stuff to do--we won't even go into my records!!! But all in all I am very happy last year is over. That was possibly the most confusing year I have ever lived through!

The pandemic and politics had me shaking my head in disbelief--The pandemic was the easiest to understand in my opinion--Stay home as much as possible--wear a mask at all times (unless you are home or alone in your car)-and wash your hands or use those wipes if you can find them!! Finding Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer 8 oz Pump Bottle was virually impossible until relatively recently. And which mask is really the safest--there are so many out there. I won't even mention the trouble we all had finding toilet paper and paper towels in the beginning--at least now you can find plenty of that!

I even started having items delivered to my home which I never did before. I used Instacart and it really works!! I am using auto ship for some of my cat Baby's essention items---like litter, food and treats. I had to go to different sites to get the best prices! It is a blessing not to have to carry that litter home. I do have a shopping cart to drag it all up from my car. A shpping cart is a MUST have in my opinion!! I actually have two of them--one for laundry and one for groceries--but I have the older version which has only 2 wheels--now they have 4 wheels! I still have to go to the grocery stores for some items and even remember to bring my own bag to carry them home (sometimes). You can buy them in most of the stores or pay 5 to 15 cents for a paper bag. Non profits have sent me a couple as well!! My trunk is filled with them--but still I sometimes forget to bring one in. What you can also do is leave everything in your cart and bring it to your car and pack it into your bags there.

I do cook a bit more them I used to!

So--what do you do now that the world is a different place? Inquiring minds want to know--I could always use some more suggestions since even with the vaccines--it will take a long time until things get back to what we used to call "normal".

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Leela said...

Happy New Year! I hope this year is better than the last.

Monica McConnell said...

Happy new year hun. Hoping this year is better than the last for everyone

tat2gurlzrock said...

Happy New Year! 2020 was awful.. let's hope this year is better.

megana said...

I have been staying home as much as possible, wash my hands and sanitizer! I hope the new year is a better one but the way its looking it might not be. Happy new year!

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