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Two for the Price of One--Food Items

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Lately I have been walking through grocery stores and picking up BOGO free items. There seem to be a lot of them.

I really love when they have the meat BOGO. I snagged two eye rounds a week or so ago! I ended up having to ask the butcher to cut one big one in half for me--he did it with no problem thus I was able to have two pieces of meat that I knew I could fnish all by myself. Chicken is another BOGO item I seem to always be seeing. If you are single and those pieces of beef are just too large--ask--you might be able to get one of them made into two pieces--it is always worth asking!! Shrimp rings also seem to be BOGO if you love shrimp. And don't forget to check out the frozen foods-you might be pleasantly surprised!!

Then there is the bakery department. I picked up two of the most moist, delicious pre sliced pound cake slices-one in lemon and one in pumpkin. They are not lasting very long around here. There are about 10 slices in each container-----diet--what diet?

Let's not forget Potato Chips and candy!! There always seems to be one brand or another on BOGO. I have even found ground coffee on BOGO occasionally.

Canned goods and pasta--there are always sales on that--better then BOGO sometimes.

If you like saving money--and who doesn't--look for the sales and the BOGO items the next time you shop!!

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megana said...

Thank you for sharing! Our beef has been bogo lately!

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