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Am I Ready for the Nor'Easter Coming This Afternoon?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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I have lived through many Nor'Easters during my 70 years--but at least this time:

My car is parked underneath an overhang in a parking spot that will hopefully not get too much snow blown into it! Oh how I remember those years where I had to park in the street and dig out my car. One year it took me 2 weeks to be able to accomplish that!!

I have food stock piled sort of. I ordered for the first time using Instacart. It worked out beautifully and I got $10 off using a code my friend gave me. If you have never used Instacart and would like to try it then here is my code that you can use to get $10.00 off. I also stopped by a grocery store after work yesterday to pick up a few other items.

I am semi retired so I don't have to worry about going outside for any reason that I can think of at the present time--I can just sit back, relax and watch the snow fall and the wind blow from the comfort of my apartment!!!! I wonder what my cat, Baby will make of all the white stuff flying around?

We really had a very easy winter last year and probably need this snow.

For anyone in the path of this storm--stay home, stay safe and stay warm!! Drink soup!!

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Christy Maurer said...

I am glad you don't have to go anywhere! Hopefully you can just stay in and read!

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