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Today is My Mom's 98th Birthday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

This picture of my Mom was taken at Nathan's a day before her 97th birthday. Today 11/25 she turns 98! Hard for me to imagine--but as she often says-"When did you get to be 70?"-The years do fly!!

Before the pandemic started she wanted to go to an assisted living residence--they were brand new and hadn't opened yet. By the time they did open--well I figured and she agreed that was not a good place for her to be. She still is living in her own apartment by herself. Well we do have aides there in the daytime with her--she is still fighting that she does not want them overnight. Heck, it was just recently that she decided she needed the aides 7 days a week instead of 5. Although she does forget and moans that she is not like she used to be-I'd say she is doing darn well for her age!! She is quite happy to just stay in her apartment and read the New York Times, watch TV, take lots of naps and be waited on by the aide! She knows how dangerous it could be for her out there. It is getting harder and harder for her to walk-but she still insists on going out with me to eat once a week or so--

Now in normal times I would be taking her out for lunch on her birthday. Maybe I'll just pick something up and eat lunch with her--unless she has other plans for me! I'll call her to find out what she wants to do before I go over there!!

At any rate I did order a large flower arrangement to be delivered to her door today---how many bets she insists on getting up and arranging them in a vase after ordering either the aide or me to get the exact vase she wants them in. Some things never change!

There is no doubt in my mind that she is in good shape and probably still alive because she is still at home. I thank my lucky stars that we (read she) decided that with everything going on--she was not going to that assisted living place.

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tat2gurlzrock said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. I hope she has a wonderful day!

tisme143 said...

Tell your mom we all wish her a wonderful birthday and God Bless with many more years.

Nancy said...

Please send my very best happy 98th birthday wishes to your mother. How very lucky you both are to have each other!

Mary said...

Happy birthday to your sweet mama. Mine is 95 and she lives alone, still cooking her own meals. That generation is remarkable. They don't know what it means to give up. It is not their choice to slow down, but their bodies make that decision for them. I wish the best of health for your mama and many more wonderful years.

Christy Maurer said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I'm glad she's able to have an aide during the day and able to stay out of assisted living!

Debbie P said...

Please wish you mom a very Happy Birthday! Sorry it's a couple of days late. You are very lucky to still have your mom.

Nana23 said...

You don’t know me but your Mom does. Please tell her I think of her often and I appreciate her speaking with me on so many occasions. FYI I’m the Granddaughter of John Edwards. He was the father of your Mom’s husband John (my newly found Uncle thanks to Ancestry).

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