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Another Take-Out Only Restauant Near Me

Sunday, November 15, 2020

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Just in time I spotted another restaurant with take out not all that far from me. Why do I say just in time? Well Covid-19 is on the rise again so I don't really want to eat inside a restaurant if I can help it. What's even better it opened right next to another restaurant I love-also a take out-Popeye's! I waited for a long time for Popeye's to open and then had to wait until Arby's opened! I think-but am not sure, another restaurant will be opening next door to Arby's. Then next door to all of those is a Korean Market which has lots of restaurants inside! Finally we have a choice around here!!

I tend to be a carnivore although I have tried to stay away from beef. I don't remember when I last ate at an Arby's-maybe in NYC? All I remember is I love their Roast Beef sandwiches! I purchased 2 of their double Roast Beef sandwichs and a chocolate shake. One of the sandwiches I ate immediately in my car--the other I saved and ate it for dinner later that evening. I was in heaven!!

Of course they have a lot of other menu items some of which I really want to try Click here to go to their website and see what else they have What do you think you would love to try?

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tat2gurlzrock said...

We don't eat out often. I do like their beef and cheddar sandwiches.

megana said...

In the last year we haven't been to a restaurant..I actually miss it! The few restaurants that do take out around here are not that great!

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