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Next Time--I'm Getting an Absentee Ballot!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

I was so conflicted with what I kept hearing and reading that I decided to vote in person this time--this vote was just too important to me to miss. I have never actually missed voting since I was first eligible (many years ago)--well maybe one or two local votes and I have always voted in person. I was happy that there was early voting. I had used early voting in the primary and there was absolutely no problems--I was in and out pretty quickly! This time was DIFFERENT!

On the first day of early voting (Saturday) I had my 97 year old Mom in the car with me. When we drove past the place where the voting was taking place in the town where she lives and where I actually grew up the line was really long--so I decided that I would try again on Sunday when Mom was not with me. I really did love the fact that you could vote anywhere-not only where you lived this time.

I got up bright and early on Sunday morning and drove to the place in the town where I live--I got there at 10:30 AM--the lines were around the corner and then some. I decided to drive back to where my Mom lives. My luck held and I actually got a parking spot in the lot. I got there around 11 AM and the line was still kind of long--but ZI walked until I got to the end asnd then proceeded to wait--the polls did not open until noon. Everyone was wearing a mask and more or less social distancing. The people surrounding me were friendly so the time passed pleasantly. It was kind of chilly. I was able to stand there and then slowly walk up to the polling place. 2 1/2 hours later I got back in my car and drove to a local Deli to pick up a sandwich for my Mom and for me. I drove to Mom's to give her her sandwich.

I grabbed the sandwich out of the bag and 1/2 got out of my car when I remembered that this particilar place always gives a small bag of potato chips. The door was wide open and I leaned back in to grab the chips. The door slammed on my leg!! HARD!! Luckily it did not break skin or break anything--so I quickly limped up to Mom's apartment-gave her the sandwich and chips and went right back to my car and drove home. I was in agony! I got home and looked at my leg---there is a thick and deep black and blue--I probably should have put ice on it but was so tired that I lay down on my bed and took a 4 hour nap. Even today, on Tuesday, it still hurts badly and if I roll over in my sleep--well I am no longer asleep.

Lesson learned! The one thing I had missed with all the reading and listening I had done-I didn't realize that if I had an absentee ballot and filled it out I could have brought it to any polling place--not stood in line--could have just walked in and put it in the ballot box inside the polling place!

Next Time--I'm Getting an Absentee Ballot!!

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Chariss K. Walker, Author said...

Oh my goodness! Trying to do the right thing doesn't always end well. Bless your heart and your knee/leg. I know that had to hurt. Since the Covid virus started, I signed up to vote by mail and have not regretted it. Hearing stories such as yours reminds me of why I did that. I just did not want to take a chance waiting in line with other people who sometimes do and sometimes don't wear a mask or respect social distancing. Too risky. I am happy you got to vote even if it did take two tries but really sorry you are hurt. Take it easy.

Michele P. said...

oh geez, sounds like things did not go quite as planned for you! Sorry to hear that, I voted by mail and it was easy but sometimes it is just not for everyone. Like you, I was conflicted about whether to go to the polls or not, but ultimately decided against it. I am glad though that you were able to vote!

Melissa Storms said...

I hear you. Twice I was going to stop at my county office building to early vote and the lines were too crazy. I am trying tomorrow first thing in the morning.

cdllegg122 said...

that is a rough day i have about the same luck most times and this year was no different

megana said...

I did absentee ballot but turned in in person! Im sorry you had so much trouble!!

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