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Farm Hounds Dog Treats GA-1-US-Ends 10/7

Friday, October 2, 2020

Farm Hounds Dot Treats Giveaway
October 1-7, 2020
Open to USA

Dogs LOVE treats--any treats in reality--BUT we want them to have healthy, good for them treats and Farm Hounds Dog Treats sound like the way to go! Keep reading and you will see why I think you should get your dog these treats! Of course 1 lucky winner could win some. Just get down there and enter!!

You've heard of the benefits of all-natural and organic dog food for your pets. But have you ever known that feeding your canine such foods with quality ingredients will produce less poop on your lawn?

Why? The explanation is very simple. Feeding our puppy meals and treats with quality wholesome ingredients will trigger a better absorption of such ingredients, hence less poop generated in the aftermath. Isn't it a cool effect?

In addition, you will need less of food to feed your dog.

Farm Hounds dog treats are some of the best on the market. The family-held business tracks every single batch of dog food they produce to the same farmer who brings raw ingredients to the factory.

For this organic and all-natural treat, expect your puppy to do anything! And they do.

In fact, every single dog treat created by the company has health value for our dog's skin, hair, and teeth.

Check out more details on how Dog Foods with Less Fillers effect the well-being of your dog.

All ingredients in Farm Hounds foods can be traced to one organic farm.

The company stands by the quality of their dog treats. There are zero artificial colorings or additives. You will never find any antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic vitamins or glycerin. ZERO Fillers, too.

Who would like to take a splendid collection of Dog Treats from Farm Hounds home to their puppy? The quality and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Enter to win your big box of dog treats by entering the giveaway form.

All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook or Google.


Darlene said...

I have 2 black lab dogs, Henry and Harley and they would love these treats.

ken ohl said...

I would love to try these treats always looks for great treats for Missy

shirley said...

I want to win these treats from Farm Hounds for my granddaughter's Collie. who call Jasper.

Heather said...

These treats would be for my sweet puppy, Nash.

Julie Waldron said...

Our Maggie would love these treats! I'd also share them with my in-laws dog Benji.

Karen A. said...

I take treats for my grand fur baby every time that I visit my son. Ruger would love to see me coming with these

laura rubenstein said...

I would absolutely love to win these for my dog

wen budro said...

I want to win this because these treats look healthy and delicious. This would be for my niece's two good dogs. They deserve treats.

Rebecca Joiner said...

I want to win these for my 3 dogs...Juno, Jack and Jill :)

lsturgeo said...

I would like these treats for Tally, Alli, And Calli my rotten doxies.

Michelle Catallo said...

I have two terrier-mix rescues, Eva and Mitzi, that I am always on the look out for true dog treats that are simple ingredients, healthy, and delicious.

Christy Maurer said...

My dog Duke would love these treats. I'm very cautious about what he eats, and these look like great high quality ones.

yellowlabs said...

I would like to win because my 2 dogs would enjoy them! I have a golden retriever and a yello lab.

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