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Book Review-Peaches and Scream (Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Book 8) -Chelsea Thomas

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Peach Pie--especially the one's made by Aunt May will break down anyone's defenses and make them give up information. Of course by now the townspeople know when Aunt May and her two proteges come calling--they are after information--and are usually attempting to solve a murder in their small town! Beware the woman bearing Peach Pies to your door!!

Yes, there was another murder in the small town of a woman nobody knew much about since she actually lived a few towns over. This woman was slightly off the wall and thought everyone was out to kill her--then someone did-and left her in Aunt May's bake shop!!

They suspect everyone until they are able to talk to them and hear their alibi. There were a lot of people to question! Sometimes they were given correct information--other times they were misdirected--but they did not give up--even when the chief of police told them to stop!!

There are a couple of incidents where these three intrepid woman really were skirting the law themselves--but were generally safe until the end--

Luckily one of the bad guys turned good guy and nobody got shot!!

Of course now that the murder was solved--another Peach Festival had to be held!! And a big surprise is in store for Chelsea--actually two of them--but a very happy ending--until next time!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Life's a peach. Murder is the pit.

Peaches are back in season at the orchard and everyone's got that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Miss May throws a "Peach Party" to celebrate. The whole town turns up for the bash. They munch on Peach pie, they drink Peach Sangria. Everything is, well, peachy. Until...

...a dead body turns up in the bakeshop.

The shop is locked from the inside and there are no signs of a struggle. But it's clear to everyone that this was a murder.

One big problem...

...Chelsea and Miss May are the only people who have keys to the building.

Will Chelsea end up in prison for a crime she didn't commit?

You'll love this story because it has a mystery that's tough to solve, plus a peach pie recipe that's been in the family for generations.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Everyone loves a secret.

So here's a good one...

...Chelsea Thomas is technically two people, married writing team Chelsea and Matthew Thomas.

Matt and Chelsea write cozy mysteries set on an apple orchard in upstate New York. They also write television and film. As screenwriters, they have worked with several studios, including Nickelodeon, SONY and CBS.

Chelsea and Matt are graduates of Duke University and they are members of the Writers Guild of America. And they're USA Today Bestselling authors.

Chelsea enjoys spending time with animals and practicing yoga. Matt loves playing music. They both enjoy spending time near the water.

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Debbie P said...

It's that time of year again and I love reading good murder mysteries. And this book sounds like a great read.

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