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Book Review-Blood Trial: A Legal Thriller Book 1-Freya Atwood

Friday, September 18, 2020

Sarah Cross is a Federal Prosecutor--but does help local law enforcement on occasion. Something told her she should not take the job--but take it she did. It turned out to be her forever nightmare--ever since she was a young girl!

What transpires will throw you for a loop--it certainly did her! Many, many twists and turns as the truth about the murdered politician is uncovered.

The ending may bring tears to your eyes as Sarah hears a different take on her childhood and how and why it all happened the way it did.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

The smell of tobacco brings Sarah closer to the ghosts of her past…

It all started with a call.

Federal Prosecutor Sarah Cross knows she should have turned down detective Lee Black's request for help. When a respected politician from her hometown is found murdered, all clues point to the estranged, cheating husband. Until they don't.

Forced to revisit the demons of her past that she vowed never to touch again, Sarah is pushed back onto a path she has been running away from. Amidst a political scandal that threatens to uproot the county's legal department, she must erase her name from the list of a notorious mafia boss. And in a race against time, she has to save her daughter from the clutches of her childhood nightmare...

Blood Trial is Freya's debut novel in the Sarah Cross series of blood-pumping legal thrillers. If you are an avid fan of strong female leads, action-packed courtroom drama, riveting characters and mind-blowing murder mystery, then you'll love Freya's intriguing story.

Buy "Blood Trial" today to discover Freya's new intriguing crime mystery!

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About the Author: (from her Website)

Freya Atwood has been fascinated with true crime since her adolescence. An avid fan of crime literature, movies and cold case documentaries, she decided to follow her true calling and dabble in the oldest form of art; storytelling.

Born in Florida, Freya considers herself lucky, as her sister, along with her hometown’s diverse population, are what pushed her to create complex and realistic characters. A die-hard fan of the outdoors, she spends more time working out than she probably should.

With unique characters, events often based on true cases, and mind-blowing mystery, Freya's ability to bend reality in her books will make you feel as if you’re living the adventure alongside your favorite heroes!

Author's Website
Freya Atwood on Amazon

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Tina Alexander said...

This is an interestingly suspenseful read, I will head over to Amazon to see about it.Mysteries are my favorite genre of books and there are several plots taking place in this book,so it will definitely keep me intrigued.

Debbie P said...

This sounds like a great page turner.

Christina Gould said...

"This novel will tug at your heart strings as Nell Lillington goes from a sheltered girl who grew up in a wealthy home--to an unwed mother."

I'm sad for her already! Thanks for posting!

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