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$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-A Matter of Extinction: A Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mystery #5-Dianne Harman Ends 10/1

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Miranda has been asked by her current boyfriend, the Sheriff, to please come look at a site that has been vandalized. He has no idea that Miranda is a PI (Paranormal Investigator)-He does know that she can usually figure out unusual occurrences. Jesse, Miranda's ex-boyfriend is a werewolf but he is also a contractor. The building his company is building is for a doctor. Someone has punched holes in the wall and written on the ceiling.

Miranda is well aware that it is some kind of a paranormal doing this but does not have a clue what kind! And she has to keep all this from the Sheriff who has no idea what she really does-he thinks she is a regular Private Investigator and that is the way Miranda has to keep it.

Meanwhile Miranda's Mom is still traveling the country looking for her husbands killer. She meets up with a Psychic and learns some really interesting things!

There are plenty of twists and turns. You, and I, are left with a question at the end. Does Miranda have some paranormal abilities of her own?

I can't wait until the next in this series--maybe we will find out then!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

A vandalized doctor’s office Being built for a paranormal doctor. Two men in love with the same woman Sometimes it’s hard to figure out Who’s human and who’s paranormal!

Jessie, the Alpha of a werewolf pack living in the small town of Little Feather, Oklahoma, has recruited a doctor to set up his medical practice in the town. Like Jesse, the doctor is also a werewolf.

In his everyday normal life as a perceived human, Jessie is a general contractor and has agreed to build a new medical building for the doctor. But when the building is under construction, it’s vandalized. Miranda and the chief of police are committed to finding out who did it and why.

Life would be a lot easier if the lines between paranormal and human weren’t quite so fuzzy. Miranda’s a human Paranormal Investigator, however the residents of the town, and the chief of police, think she’s a Private Investigator. But when she starts to investigate the case, she learns things that make her wonder if she really is human.

Surely a human wouldn’t be experiencing what she is. Could she be a throwback to something that was thought to be extinct? Is that why she can see and smell things that humans can’t?

A Matter of Extinction is the fifth book in the Miranda Riley Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series by Krystal Doolittle and Dianne Harman, USA Today Bestselling Author and Amazon All-Star.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

To get your free books from Dianne, just cut and paste: http://ow.ly/wgVG304NU9N Enjoy!

USA TODAY bestselling author and seven time Amazon All Star Author, Dianne Harman, draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, left that industry, and opened two yoga centers where she taught and certified yoga instructors. She's traveled extensively throughout the world and loves nothing more than cooking, playing backgammon with her husband, Tom, and throwing the ball for their dog, Kelly.

Being a dog lover and having attended numerous cooking schools, she couldn't resist writing about food and dogs. Dianne is the author of several cozy mystery series: Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, High Desert, Midwest, Jack Trout, and the Northwest. Each of these books contains recipes from her travels. Alexis, the first book in the Midlife Journey Series was also recently published. She's the author of the award-winning suspenseful Coyote Series.

Murder in the Pearl District was chosen by Amazon to be one of their Mystery books in their October, 2016 homage of great writing by independent authors and several of her books have been chosen by them as PRIME books!

Authors Website
Amazon Author Page

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Bernice Kennedy said...

I am pretty good at keeping secrets and when its important I do. I just started this series and am enjoying it. Thanks for sharing!

Darlene said...

I could have kept secrets. I have not read any other of the books but I would love to as I love reading any books.

Sherry said...

I think I could keep a secret and I haven't read any of the books yet.

Nancy said...

I have not read any of the books in this series yet. I could keep a secret if I would lose my job if I told someone.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Deb PelletierC said...

I would keep the secret. I have not read any of your books yet.

Debbie P said...

I could keep a secret like that from my boyfriend. I know how to stay quiet.

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Calvin F. said...

It depends, most the time I can if I need to. I'd do my best.

Jeanna Massman said...

Yes, I could probably keep that secret.

Jerry said...

Yes I could keep a secret from my husband if it was really important but would like to tell him as soon as my boss would allow. We love Dianne Harman's books. Thank you for a chance to win.

Michele S. said...

I have been married for 50 years and never kept anything from my husband.. good or bad.. I believe it was one of the ways to keep trust and a successful marriage....

Catrina Pomerleau said...

I think I could keep a secret, but only as long as absolutely necessary.

I'm just starting the series!

Julie Waldron said...

If I had to, I would.

katieoscarlet said...

I think it would depend on the job. I haven't ready any of the series yet.

tisme143 said...

I think if I had to I would, but I would probably only do it for a it to hope and pray that things will change.

jmcgaugh said...

Yes, I could.

Peggy said...

i could possibly keep something from him.

Erin N said...

I would hate to keep a relationship a secret!

Meghan said...

I can keep a secret fo sho!

Christina S said...

yes I would keep the secret.

Veronica Lee said...

I have not read any of the books in this series yet.

Yes, I would definitely keep the secret.

pippirose said...

I'd have a hard time keeping a secret from my husband. I haven't read any of the books in this series, yet.

Jeanette J said...

Yes, I am very good at keeping secrets.

Tracy Suzanne said...

I don't like keeping secrets but if it's for the best I will. I love

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