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Introducing More About The Cocoa Experience!!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

As a Curator with The Cocoa Exchange I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking into my site

Granted we all love chocolate and The Cocoa Exchange certainly has that!

Before you read all about the company I would like to add a few thoughts of my own.

The shipping is extraordinarily fast! The products arrived at my door within 2 days of ordering!

Each bottle or jar is wrapped individually in bubble wrap and there are cold packs to keep that chocolate from melting!

The cost of shipping is a standard $5.50 no matter how many items you order! At least that has been my experience and I have ordered up to 4 products at one time. Unfortunately sales and shipping are US ONLY!

So far I have tried the Dark Chocolate Caramels and the Honey Almond Butter Bars--Absolutely delicious! For lunch today I will be trying the White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard or the White Chocolate Lemon Peppercorn Vinaigrette. I'll also be trying the Raspberry Balsamic Glaze. I will put up separate posts to let you know how I felt about them and how I used them.

ALL the pictures and the recipes created by their chefs can be seen on my website

It is also so much more! Here's a bit direct from the website:

Sustainable and Responsibly-Sourced Cocoa

As part of Mars, Incorporated, THE COCOA EXCHANGE enjoys being a family-owned business with a century-long history of chocolate-making. We're proud of our rich heritage and of our business principles that guide how we source ingredients and manufacture products:

Quality in everything we do.

Mars, Inc. remains the only company of our size to still oversee every step in creating our signature chocolate: from carefully-chosen cocoa beans to our unique chocolate-making processes that deliver America's favorite chocolate. Mars has made a simple but bold pledge to use only certified, sustainable cocoa in all of our products by 2020. DOVE® Dark Chocolate is already Rainforest Alliance Certified.

It’s love at first bite

Cocoa is our X-factor ingredient. It is a unique and nutritious superfruit that we lovingly transform into products that create simple moments of joy in a day. Our curated gourmet collections include the silky smoothness of DOVE® Signature, the authentic adventure of PURE DARK™, the culinary creativity of POD & BEAN® and the total body wellness of VITALIZE™. One taste will bring a smile to your face!

Our chefs craft products that delight

Our award-winning, classically trained chefs create innovative flavor combinations using this secret ingredient of cocoa in trend-setting products that can’t be found anywhere else but The Cocoa Exchange™. (All in gorgeous, sustainable and giftable packaging of course!)

Our curated gourmet collections include the silky smoothness of DOVE® SIGNATURE, the authentic adventure of PURE DARK™ and the culinary creativity of POD & BEAN™. Products are offered singly, in value sets and in gift packaging.

Manufactured in the U.S.

We keep the quality bar high by controlling our products from cocoa bean to finished product and manufacturing in the USA. Many of our products are hand-crafted in small batches for that extra attention to detail you can taste.

And we back everything with our “Love It Guarantee” – if you don’t love it, we’ll replace it. (But you’re going to love it because…chocolate!)

At Mars, we believe in sustainability through productivity. By improving our farmers' yield and product, we improve their livelihood while also reducing land use and the impact on the environment. The key to success starts with our farmers.

Fast Facts

DOVE® Dark Chocolate is Rainforest Alliance Certified. Mars has pledged to use only certified cocoa by 2020.

The Mesquite Creek wind farm in Lamesa, Texas, generates energy equivalent to 100% of Mars’ electricity needs in the U.S.

All U.S. Mars manufacturing sites are 0 waste-to-landfill - achieved in December 2015.

Our Human Rights Policy is our commitment to identifying, mitigating and preventing adverse impacts on human rights, and taking appropriate remedial action. Our Supplier Code of Conduct lays out our human rights expectations of our first-tier suppliers. In our extended agricultural supply chains, we take steps to advance respect for human rights.

Please come visit and see all the delicious items for sale!!

As a Curator with The Cocoa Exchange I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking into my site All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. For more information please check my Disclosure Statement. Our giveaways are in no way sponsored or promoted by Facebook or Google.


Chariss K. Walker, Author said...

I visited the site yesterday and place an order. I bought two chocolate items: the chocolate rounds and the Aztec spice slab. Both dark chocolate. I can't wait to get my order. I am a true chocolate enthusiast. The shipping was $5.50. I made an account with all my info and on my next visit, they will already have my shipping address. So that is great too. I liked the website very much. Thank you, Michele, for introducing this to me.

Anna Celeste Burke said...

There are so many intriguing goodies on this site. Congratulations on your new gig as a curator... what can be better than chocolate in any form. Can't wait to try the spicy, slab chocolate. I love to add chocolate to my chili, so I'm going to try the cocoa powder too. All of us chocolate lovers thank you! xx

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