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How Do You Use Leftovers?

Thursday, August 6, 2020

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I made those delicious Chicken Breasts the other day (see that post here) but only ate 1 of the 2. It really is hard cooking for just me--well me and my cat that is! Turns out that she loved that chicken so much she would not touch her Boars Head Maple Turkey Breast which I buy only for her! Spoiled ya think?

I was glaring at that 2nd breast wondering how I could use it. I decided to slice it diagonally and use it to add to a salad and for sandwiches.

For the sandwich (lunch) I took a couple of slices of American cheese and a couple of slices of the chicken breast and 1 pita round. Put a small amount of the White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard from The Cocoa Exchange. I then ripped up a slice of the turkey breast for Baby-and proceeded back to my bedroom where my computer resides.

Baby IGNORED the turkey breast which she normally gobbles up--and stood there glaring at me and threatening my computer keyboard with her paw!! OK I relented--I went back in the kitchen and ripped up a slice of the chicken for her (without the cheese or mustard nether of which she likes.

Then at around 12:30 the wind started blowing--by 1:00 the hurricane was upon us. I normally have a very brave cat--this time--she took one look out the window-her eyes got very wide-then there was a power outage-and she did a sprint to another room! She did eventually calm down--but she and I had NO POWER from then until Wednesday night at around 7 pm!! No a/c--no computer.

Thank heavens for matches (they were old so I could not get it to light by striking the cover) and lighters and a partially gas stove. I lit the match with the lighter then turned on the gas to one burner so that I could make a cup of coffee!!

For dinner--I used the open bag of Butter Lettuce, some cherry tomatoes and pre sliced mushrooms-I added some of the chicken. I added the White Chocolate Lemon Peppercorn Vinaigrette. And yes, In addition to her cat food--Baby insisted on a slice or two of the chicken!

Both the sandwich and the salad were delicious! Next up--a Full Day of NO Power--I will hopefully get that up tomorrow!

As a Curator with The Cocoa Exchange I will receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking into my site
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Chariss K. Walker, Author said...

Oh, that is so cute that Baby knows what she likes (and she gets it! LOL)
The chicken sandwich and the salad both sound delicious, especially with those flavorful toppings. So happy your power is restored. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome!

megana said...

That is so cute about your kitty!! I try to save any and all leftovers and use them in any way possible! With six of us eating i don't always have leftovers lol.

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