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Book Review-Unbound (Dawn of Deception)-A. R. Shaw

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A tidal wave overtook the small town where Sloane lived with her two daughters. Her first husband had died and she had remarried--but the second husband was not a nice guy at all!! With her house filled with water Sloane had to decide what to do. Her neighbors were leaving--she decided to stay.

She was told by her departing neighbors to take what ever she could find in their homes--then suddenly she was alone in her neighborhood. Well there was one family, a man with a young daughter. He was absolutely out of his mind and Sloane worried about the little girl.

Meanwhile Sloane set about making it look like there were still people living in the other houses. It was hard work but she with the help of her daughters managed it. Then the stray dogs started coming. A blessing in disguise. With some love, patience and food they became the guardians of all the houses! Meanwhile when that man's daughter showed up at Sloane's door--she took her in. From then on she was a third daughter!!

Then some government men came and told Sloane that she had to move to the encampment set up for the refugees. Sloane knew they had to leave--and fast--But not fast enough. What the men did was horrendous. Sloane and the girls took to the woods with what they could carry.

They found an old house deep in the woods that has been abandoned years ago--It was supposedly haunted--but what choice did they have?

A cat brought them a handwritten message--there was someone else living on the grounds. It took a while to trust him--but he saved the 2 youngest girls lives--he was a doctor! Then he came to their door with one of the dogs--he had followed their scent.

I really want to know what happens next!!!!!!

I received the book from the author for my enjoyment and possible review.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

From the bestselling author of Graham's Resolution and Surrender the Sun series, A. R. Shaw brings you Dawn of Deception.In a post-apocalyptic world, Sloane Delaney struggles to keep her daughters safe. With all her neighbors gone and her abusive second husband dead, Sloane and her daughters, Mae and Wren, maintain a dangerous charade to keep looters at bay from their neighborhood. When young Nicole shows up on their doorstep, nearly dead from dehydration and starvation as a result of her father’s growing paranoia, she joins the determined group as they adjust to life without most of the luxuries they had previously taken for granted. Aided by a pack of abandoned dogs, the women are able to project an image of an occupied and active neighborhood until corrupt FEMA agents arrive on the scene, threatening their hard-won sense of security. Fleeing their now-unsafe home, Sloane and her girls head for the woods and an abandoned old house Sloane is sure will be a safe haven for at least a few days. She doesn’t count on the handsome and helpful Dr. Kent having also taken refuge there. With her girls’ lives on the line, can Sloane learn to trust again in this dangerous new world?

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

USA Today bestselling author, A. R. Shaw, served in the United States Air Force Reserves as a Communications Radio Operator. She began publishing her works in the fall of 2013 with her debut novel, The China Pandemic. With over 15 titles to her name, she continues the journey from her home in the Pacific Northwest alongside her loyal tabby cats, Henry and Hazel and a house full of books.

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Anonymous said...

I would be interested to see the next steps in this family's journey! I love a good book. Sounds like a riveting novel

Debbie P said...

I really like the excerpt. And I really want to know what happens next! This sounds like a great read.

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