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Book Review-The Price of Justice-Freya Atwood

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Price of Justice An Exclusive Prologue to the Megan Corver Legal Thriller Series ny Freyer Atwood. I received this book because I went to her website and asked for it!

It is short and to the point--I can well understand why Megan turned out the way she did! I will be reading and reviewing Book 1 "Blood Trial" in this series-you can bet on that!

About the Author: (from her Website)

Freya Atwood has been fascinated with true crime since her adolescence. An avid fan of crime literature, movies and cold case documentaries, she decided to follow her true calling and dabble in the oldest form of art; storytelling.

Born in Florida, Freya considers herself lucky, as her sister, along with her hometown’s diverse population, are what pushed her to create complex and realistic characters. A die-hard fan of the outdoors, she spends more time working out than she probably should.

With unique characters, events often based on true cases, and mind-blowing mystery, Freya's ability to bend reality in her books will make you feel as if you’re living the adventure alongside your favorite heroes!

Author's Website
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