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For All Cozy Mystery Lovers--Authors and Readers

Saturday, July 18, 2020

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I read a LOT as anyone who even glances at my blog knows. But I never attempted to listen to an audiobook. Well I finally did it! It took me a bit to get Audible up on my PC (tech savvy I am not). There is a definite learning curve for me--like finding out that I can lower Audible and do other stuff--like work on completing or keeping those Facebook threads up to date or checking on the weather---or-gulp--checking on the news. Now I have to mention one thing. I really think that I or anyone would be better off using a Kindle or their phone-neither of which I have. That way you won't be stuck in one room and you can go about cleaning or whatever (sitting in your back yard). These audio books would be especially good for those whose sight is not the best or someone who is stuck in bed. You can just lie there and shut your eyes and imagine the entire book!

My first listen was a book I had already read and reviewed by one of my fav authors--a cozy mystery by Anna Celeste Burke -A Dead Husband- Of course it will be pretty hard for me to find a cozy mystery that I haven't read!! BUT

Dianne Harman and Anna Celeste Burke got together (gotta love these 2 authors!!) and created a brand new Facebook page where anyone who loves cozy mysteries can go and see what is on offer. There are authors who have also joined in and put up their cozy mystery books that they have on audio. You never know who may offer a code or something! At this time there is a Rafflecopter giveaway which you can join--it is really simple--and maybe win a 2 3-month Audible Subscriptions & more!. You know I entered!!

Here are the links where you can find this brand new site

Cozy Mystery Audiobook Lovers

2 3-month Audible Subscriptions & more!

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Anna Celeste Burke said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word! We hope cozy mystery fans who enjoy listening to mysteries will find this a great place to drop by to find the latest audiobook releases. Authors will also have freebies for them. Join us cozy mystery fans!!

Megan Johnson said...

I always end up zoning out to audio, I can't get through a book.

Brittany Carter said...

I love listening to audiobooks when I'm driving I don't get much time at home to read so it's a good way for me to make it through a whole book and I love mysteries so this sounds perfect

megana said...

I had no idea that those two had gotten together..this is how much I know about whats going on lol. I can thank my four crazy kiddos for that! So exciting!

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