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Book Review-Captured by a Highland Pirate-Lydia Kendall

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Grace lived alone in her sewing shop just about making ends meet after her beloved died leaving her a widow. She was still in deep mourning and did not want to even think about remarrying or even being courted. Unfortunately there were men in her small village who thought differently. One night one of those men came to her door (extremely drunk)-forced his way in and proceeded to try to take what she was not willing to give. Luckily for her Alec McNeil-a well known and feared pirate (actually more of a Robin Hood!)-passed by her door and interceded on her behalf. He took her to his ship while she was still in a dead faint.

Grace woke up in his ship and after a bit began to love the sea almost as much as Alec did.

Alec was actually a Scottish noble's son who was destined to become the next Laird. He was not too happy about this but resigned to the fact that he had no choice!

The two fell in love.

Alec's father was taken hostage along with his castle in retaliation for the last castle that Alec had plundered. and of course Alec had to go to the rescue--Grace was more help then anyone expected she would or could be!

This Scottish Historical Romance will keep you reading far into the night!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

She was a love he’d cross oceans for...

Losing her husband was Grace Smith’s greatest sorrow in life. That, and trying to avoid betrothals to men she would never love, to save her life. Until a mysterious Highlander rescues her from damnation.

Alec MacNeil’s only love in life is the sea. A notorious pirate all across Scotland, he never keeps a penny he steals for himself. On his mission to steal the Viscount of Fortershire’s wealth, he ends up stealing something more: the heart of a beautiful Sassenach.

However, their dreams for a shared future are crushed when a letter arrives. A letter that not only calls for Alec to honor an old agreement for marriage but also gives him an ultimatum: his life or his entire clan. His home is under siege and the attackers won’t settle for anything less than killing everyone Alec loves.

*Captured by a Highland Pirate is a steamy Scottish historical romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, lots of steam and a happy ending.

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About the Author: (from the ebook)

Lydia Kendall has always been passionate about medieval romance. Having travelled to the Scottish Highlands several times as a young girl, she has always been drawn to their unparalleled beauty and history. A history that inspired stories of love and passion, mixed with tradition in the most appealing way for every hopeless romantic - much like herself. Born in Denver, Colorado, Lydia Kendall has a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and over the last decade she has been writing non-stop for several clients - that is until she decided to start publishing her own work. When she isn’t writing, Lydia loves spending her time on the beautiful outdoors with her loving husband and baby daughter. Follow Lydia on this sensational journey of hot highlanders, bonny lassies and
fierce passion...and find sheer pleasure in the magnificent world of the Scottish countryside - one that will sweep you off your feet and keep you begging for more!

Lydia Kendall Amazon Page

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Veronica Lee said...

Ooo! I love historical romance and this book is right up my alley!

Linda Manns Linneman said...

I really enjoy this type of book. I can't wait to pick this up and read it. It always takes me away from the present and I live through these characters. Thank you so much for sharing

Debbie P said...

This sounds like a very good read!

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