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Things They are a Changing

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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Now that I have started back working my semi retired bookkeeping clients and am attempting to catch them all up after 2 or is it 3 months I have run into a problem. I don't mind wearing a mask while working-well mostly not. What my biggest problem is so far is not even getting paid. It is finding a bank branch that is still open!!

On Saturday I figured I'd better get the checks into my account. Three branches later I decided to wait until Monday!! Two of the banks have been consolidated with other branches which are really not easy to get to. The one branch that was open-a brand new one--the ATM would not accept my deposit! I did find one that was open today (Monday). What this is telling me is that I will only be able to get to a branch easily on Mondays!! Oh well, I can live with that-I hope!

My bank is not the only one that is doing this--I had heard from others the same sad story. I guess the banks figure they can make do with fewer employees and fewer branches--which will increase their bottom line.

I know you are probably saying--why not use your smart phone? Well--I do not have one nor do I want one--the cost is prohibitive, between the phone and the phone bills, and I really do not want to learn how to send messages. And I really don't want to receive them!!

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Edna Williams said...

I now bank online with my computer. I rarely have to go to the bank, and I can pay my bills without buying stamps! Thanks for sharing!

megana said...

Banking is becoming a problem for everyone! Well maybe not the people that love all things tech..but for me it's a hassle!

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