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What To Do On Mother's Day?

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

My Mom is 97 years young and still lives in her own apartment. She does have aides coming in 5 days a week--but is on her own for the weekends. It used to be I would take her out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants--The Outback. Well we certainly can not go there and eat. Like all the other restaurants around--it is takeout or delivery only!! It is not all that close to where either of us live. I did suggest to her that I pick it up and we could eat at her apartment. She has been complaining that she can't eat as much as she used to--so I told her she could eat what she wanted and save the rest for another day--she liked that idea!! I also know exactly what she would want from their menu-- Now one thing about my Mom--she LOVES bread!! So I am hoping that I can get extra bread from them for her--I would be more then happy to pay for the extra! I can guarantee that none of that would be left for another day!!

Meanwhile while I was eating my salad for dinner tonight I saw a steak house that is pretty close to me--and although I liked it when we ate there--my Mom not so much. The Longhouse Steakhouse is calling my name for a take out for me-probably for a lunch. They have a steak salad that looks delicious!

I just took her to Nathan's this past weekend--to the drive thru of course--and we ate in the car! She loves Nathan's Hot Dogs and Fries! Hey she is 97 going to be 98 this year--she can eat whatever the heck she wants!!

So what are you going to do for your Mom this Mother's Day?

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Tamra Phelps said...

I hope you and your Mom have a great day. I lost my Mom a few years ago, and I miss her every day.

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