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Book Review-Mill Point Road-EK Ellem

Thursday, May 21, 2020

There are only 5 houses in the exclusive gated community of Hill Point Road. One of the owners moved and Rebecca bought that house. All the wives were gossips--but one really had then marked. She was trying to get them to invest with her husband.

But there was something dark and sinister behind Rebecca's house in the woods. And a strange spot appeared on her basement wall. The local handyman was really trying to get everything fixed for her! From him she began to learn about her neighbors. Then at their morning meets--yikes these women were really something! Rebecca said very little.

Meanwhile a body had been found near the gated community and the police were trying to find the killer. All of the young men murdered were named Adam. The police named the serial killer The Eden murderer for that reason-in reference to Adam and Eve in the Bible.

The lives of all the home owners began to unravel--people definitely aren't always who you think they are! And that includes Rebecca--who had a deep dark secret all her own!

The twists and turns will keep you guessing and reading until the very last page is read. This is definitely a psychological mystery thriller you do not want to miss!

About the Book: (from Amazon)


“Absolutely riveting read! I loved this book - could never work out what was going to happen next and was holding my breath as to the outcome.”

When Rebecca Cartwright, young and recently widowed, moves into the gated community of Mill Point Road, in the township of Ravenwood, she thought she had found her sanctuary. Amongst the beautiful homes, manicured lawns, and high walls, she soon discovers that the other women of Mill Point Road aren’t what they seem.

Detective Marvin Richards, a thirty-year veteran homicide cop from the tough streets of New York City moved to picturesque Ravenwood for peace and quiet. That was until a serial killer decided to dump their fourth victim near Mill Point Road.

Then there is Haley Perez, a rookie patrol officer who graduated top of her class, the only female in her entire cohort. And that can be a little tricky, especially when her fellow officers are now all male too. Some say she’s abrupt, abrasive, and downright rude. But Richard’s sees something else in this intensely focused, young woman. He enlists the help of Perez, and together they go on the hunt for the Eden Killer, a cunning, evasive serial killer whose victims are all young men named, Adam.

The trail of clues leads them to Mill Point Road, where they discover something dark and sinister is lurking in this seemingly tranquil and insulated Garden of Eden.

Mill Point Road is the latest “Up until 4 a.m. reading” thriller from Amazon Bestselling author JK Ellem.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)


JK Ellem is the author of the #1 Bestselling Novel, MILL POINT ROAD.

JK was born in London and spent his formative years preferring to read books and comics rather than doing his homework.

He is the innovative author of cutting-edge popular adult thriller fiction. He likes writing thrillers that are unpredictable, have multiple layers and sub-plots that tend to lead his readers down the wrong path with twists and turns that they cannot see coming. He writes in the genres of crime, mystery, suspense and psychological thrillers.

JK is obsessed with improving his craft and loves honest feedback from his fans. His idea of success is to be stopped in the street by a supermodel in a remote European village where no one speaks English and asked to autograph one of his books and to take a quick selfie.

He has a fantastic dry sense of humor that tends to get him into trouble a lot with his wife and three children.

He splits his time between the US, the UK and Australia.

Author's Website

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Peggy said...

It sounds very interesting. I am intrigued and want to read it.

Tamra Phelps said...

I like thrillers/mysteries like this. It sounds like a story that would draw me in.

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