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Book Review-Cataclysm-Joshua Peck

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

This is a very unusual book--it is the diary of several people and as the days go on their language is well--from what they are going through (even though I think it is a dream)--this should only be read by adults!

It is a futuristic --aliens have landed and are killing off people. This group leaves for a safe haven--which turns out not to be safe at all--the book ends as they do-----.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Have you ever been awaken from a dream that seemed so real? Has it been so realistic, that you have trouble sleeping again? What if it were a year long dream and you were afraid to tell anyone. In this dream, hairless mutants have take over the world and slowly feed on the human population. The reader gets to follow the journal entries of different characters throughout the book. Read journal entries that could be the last known documents alive if an apocalypse wiped out mankind.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

My name is Joshua Peck or Josh Peck. Not to be confused with the comedian actor. I'm a ghostwriter and a writer. I am also a graphic designer of print and multimedia. I have 2 associate degrees in art and social sciences and a bachelors degree in psychology and communications. I am also a self taught graphic designer. I am the 3rd in my family to graduate high school and the first to graduate college...twice. I have a photographic memory and I have an above average IQ.

My journey started with working from home. I'm disabled with petit mal epilepsy and Fibromyalgia so it's easier for me to work from home. I started out creating logos, writing stories, writing blogs, and editing others writing. I didn't feel fulfilled writing for others though. I started out writing children's stories of my own at first but now I write novelettes. I decided writing novelettes and novellas was better than children's books. You can still find my children's books on my author page as well. The 2 best selling ones are "My Friend Has Epilepsy" and "Everything Dies".

All of my novelettes will have multiple continuations, a lot of plot twists, and full character development. Might I recommend "Dead Memories" and "Trapped". I'm always full of new ideas and always writing. My current projects are a zombie love novelette and post apocalyptic novelette. I like to write suspense and thriller books, but I can write any genre. I hope you read my books soon and hope you leave some good ratings.

Author Website

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Tamra Phelps said...

It does sound like an interesting story. I like a story with suspense, so it sounds like a good read to me.

Linda Manns Linneman said...

This sounds like it could be on the scary side. I have had weird dreams like this. I have never read any of this authors books. I will have to check it out soon.

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