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Book Review Sheepdogs-Gordon Carroll

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

This book really kept my attention. Gil saved wild dog Max twice while he still lived in Germany. Gil had problems and so did Max. Max's entire family had been killed by a Grey Wolf--Max never forgot! Gil did manage to train him to be a K9 dog--but Max really thought he should be alpha--

Throughout this novel you will be reading Max's thoughts which were really interesting and I could see where he was coming from. Max was one heck of a smart dog--he could out think most humans!

When Gil who was a private eye took on a missing teenage boys case--things really took off hot and heavy!! Then the Dad and 2 year old girl were kidnapped from the same family. The feats Max preformed are unbelievable.

Does Max ever really accept Gil as Alpha--will it last--I will have to read the next in the series to find out!!

I received the e-book from the author for my enjoyment and possible review.

About the Book: (from Amazon)

My fingers traced the indented letters of the silver WWJD bracelet on my right wrist. I do that when I'm considering pummeling someone.

Gil Mason is a simple guy with complex problems. Cross Phillip Marlow with Caesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, and you create a new breed of private eye; courage of a Pit Bull, heart of a Labrador.

Max, Gil's K9 partner, has a few problems of his own. It's a love-hate relationship. Part of Max wants to love his human master, while his alpha personality instinctively drives him to take control of the pack.

So how does a former cop turned PI find a missing teenage boy who has been kidnapped by a corporate billionaire, while dealing with his own feelings of guilt and loneliness over the murder of his family, and keep his canine's homicidal tendencies in check? Brains, guns and fists combined with an intimate understanding of dog psychology.

As long as Max doesn't eat him first.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

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Edna Williams said...

Sounds like a great view of the dog/man relationship from both sides.

Edna Williams said...

Sounds like a great view of the dog/man relationship from both sides. I think this book could really keep my attention! Thanks for sharing!

Amy D said...

This sounds like a book my daughter would really love. She loves reading books about dogs. I love that this book really kept your attention. It sounds really interesting.

Tamra Phelps said...

It sounds a little different, which is a good thing. I like mysteries/thrillers, so I think I'd enjoy this.

momo said...

(Book Review Sheepdogs-Gordon Carroll) This book sound like one that I would really enjoy reading.

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