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Book Review-Inland Intrigue-Michael Hughes

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This novel chronicles the life of a young man who is about to enter his senior year of college. He is home for the summer and his Dad procures him a job with a political party-a small congressional seat. The job is as boring as his normal days which as you will read constantly consists of naps, swimming and sitting in the hot tub! Now this is a conservative family--at least the Dad is and so is the son. The Mom and sister are not exactly with them on this!

I THINK that this author was trying to say that all politicians and politics (whether Republicans or Democrats) are about one thing and one thing only--but I will let you make your own judgement on this.

It can be slightly boring--but then so is politics!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Tyler Conway, a student at the University of Southern California, has yet to line up work for the summer before his senior year. At the suggestion of a family friend, Tyler begins interning for Kevin Maxley, a former city councilman turned real estate developer running as a moderate Republican in a swing district in the Inland Empire. Running against Maxley is Dick Mullhill, a Democrat and former banker backed by the Democratic Party establishment. As Tyler learns all of the ropes of campaign life, he comes across conspiracy theory-prone voters, a congressman's zealously flirtatious sister, and a group of hard-partying college Republicans. Tyler soon learns of rumors of misbehavior and corruption in both campaigns, and that the car accident death of a former coworker of his father's may not have been all that it seemed. As election night 2012 rolls around, Tyler figures it all out, for better or worse.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Michael Hughes is the author of Pumpkin Farmer, a psychological thriller set in the San Francisco Bay Area of the late 1970s, and Loafing by La Brea, a novel of contemporary Los Angeles.

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Tamra Phelps said...

Hmm, I don't know how much more politics I can take, even in fiction form, lol. Seriously, the characters sound like an intriguing bunch.

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