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Book Review-Captured by his Highland Kiss-Eloise Madigan

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Delilah and Marcus loved each other at first site. But their love is thwarted at every turn! It is bad enough that she is English and he is a Highlander! Their parents are extremely friendly but have other plans for their children------but there is something or someone else out to stop them--you will never guess who!! And yes, there is a very happy ending!!

I received this e-book directly from the author by clicking on the link below--For all who love Scottish Historical romances--go get it!!

About the Book: (from the Author's Website)

Lady Delilah Jefferson can do nothing but suffer in silence as war tears her away from the man who holds her heart.

Having spent years waiting for any signs of life, the answer comes in the form of a letter: an invitation to his betrothal.

Resentment and anger are all Marcus Malloch, son of the Laird of MacConnair, feels after the woman he loves cuts off all ties with him. He is convinced she doesn't care if the end of the war found him dead or alive. Or so he thinks.

What was cruelly taken away from them is finally within their grasp, as the spark that rekindles their love erupts into a soul-scorching fire.

As Delilah’s parents push her towards a vicious man, Marcus is divided between saving his clan, or the love of his life. On the verge of ruin, their last hope lies within a series of letters. Letters that have been stolen that will stop at anything to claim what is rightfully theirs...

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About the Author: (from the Author's website)

Eloise Madigan is a passionate writer who fell in love with Scotland when she was only 5 years old. On a trip to the beautiful Highlands with her family, she was encouraged by the mesmerizing scenery to start weaving intricate stories about handsome Highlanders and beautiful lasses.

Born in the US to a Scottish mother and an American father, she formed a deep bond with her mother’s roots. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing, and soon she began working as an editor for a small publishing house. But even though she liked editing, her true love lay in the short romantic stories she could write…This is when she decided to start publishing her own romance novels!

When Eloise isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Accompany Eloise on the most wonderful trips across the mysterious Highlands, where love and adventure intertwine, and rogue Highlanders are there to save the day! A world full of burning passion and sensational stories, that promise to sweep you away, to the land of pleasure...

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Edna Williams said...

Sounds like a great insta-love book with some heat behind it!

Tamra Phelps said...

There was a time, in my teens, when I was just obsessed with historical romance like this. Scotland always lends itself to great characters!

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