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Book Review-Mail Order Bride - Westward Bound: Historical Cowboy Rom (Montana Mail Order Brides Bk 3)-Linda Bridey

Friday, March 20, 2020

This is a clean romantic historical western that will capture your heart. Claire and Marcus have been protagonists ever since they met at a family wedding 3 years ago. They have been writing back and forth ever since--and always semi arguing. Claire is a highly intelligent female who will be getting a college degree. Marcus is highly intelligent also--but no college for him. He is too busy helping out at his families ranch.

Marcus has been hiding a secret ever since his Mom died. Then something is delivered to his door--the secret has to come out. Claire has come for another family get together and he tells her his secret--she agrees to help him--they end up getting married.

Will his family come to terms with the secret--what will it take? The road is a rocky one to put it mildly.

I ended up reading this in one sitting--it was too good to put down--and besides I wanted to know what happened!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

When Claire travels to Montana for her sister Maddie’s wedding to Seth Samuels, she meets the youngest Samuels brother, Marcus, and they fall in love.

Can they find the fortitude to withstand the tests that come their way or will they both end up with broken hearts?

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

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Writing is a labor of love for Linda Bridey, whose works are consistently on several top 100 best-selling romance book lists. Since starting her writing career in earnest, Linda has written thirty-seven books and counting, which have gained great popularity. Readers are drawn to her vivid writing of mail-order bride and historical romance stories, many of which deal with social issues, and always include humor and heart.

Her Westward series, which includes twenty-three books, is set in Dawson, Montana. When the series ended, her readers wanted more of the characters they'd come to know and love--so much so that it prompted her to create the Dawson Chronicles, which picks up the stories of many of the descendants of the original characters, but can also be read as a stand-alone series.

Linda's Echo Canyon series, tells the story of a small Montana town on the verge of extinction after the collapse of the mining industry in the region. It shows the ingenuity of the Echo's inhabitants in how they come together to save the town they love. All is not always as it seems in Echo with mystery, suspense, and romance abound!

Linda encourages readers to sign up for email alerts about her new releases at and appreciates it when readers leave honest reviews on her books.

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Edna Williams said...

Writing twenty-three books is pretty impressive. I wouldn't mind starting a collection! Thanks for sharing!

Tamra Phelps said...

I'm not usually in to cowboy stories but this sounds like it has characters I would enjoy. It sounds like a good love story that happens to be set in a cowboy era.

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