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Book Review-The Long Paw Of The Law (Ashley Crane Cozy Mystery Book 1)-Laurie Anne Marie

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Her boss--one of the real nasty kinds--will make you glad you don't have him as a boss! Ashley is too busy with her life to really notice-except to stay away from him as much as possible! Then one day she can't help but notice that two of the women servers are flirting with him--he is married. Then she overhears her boss and his wife arguing. Then she notices that none of the other employees actually like him either---As she leaves work that day--she over hears something--next thing you know--her boss is dead--murdered!!

Her apartment gets ransacked--she moves back with her parents--a rock is thrown through their window.

She loves to eat sweets at a bakery owned by a long time friend----

The police think they know who the murderer is--but Ashley thinks differently and goes about trying to prove it-much to the aggravation of the really cute policeman.

This is a really cute cozy and I enjoyed every minute of it--there are even a couple of yummy recipes at the end--I'm partial to sweets also!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

“A page-turning new cozy murder mystery with a lovable sleuth, a charming setting, and a cuddly cat hero that will warm your heart!”

Welcome to Comfortville, a quaint little town nestled inland from the Pacific coast.

Ashley Crane is busy nursing a broken heart, working tirelessly as a cook, and hanging out with her family and best friends when her boss at the restaurant is murdered.

At first the investigation is left to Nathaniel Thompson, the local handsome police detective. But when Thompson arrests the wrong suspect, Ashley takes the investigation into her own hands.

Solving the case won't be easy. She'll need help from her parents April and Burt, her best friends Sean and Lara, and her cute and clever cat Charlie.

It's up to Ashley Crane to find the real murderer in Comfortville before they strike again.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Laurie Anne Marie is an author who loves to read, cook, hike, garden, and spend time with family and friends.
She owns two rescue cats, but her menagerie has also included two dogs and two rabbits.
When not finding new ways to get her characters into trouble, she can be found drinking strong coffee, good red wine, and sampling new recipes.

Official website:
Official contact information: laurieannemariecozy@gmail dot com.

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Edna Williams said...

As a nurse, I think I could sink my teeth into this one! Thanks for sharing!

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