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$25 Amazon/PP-1-WW-Holly and The Missing Dog: A Holly Lewis Mystery-Dianne Harman Ends 12/4

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Having one of your pets go missing has got to be the absolute worst feeling in the world. I experienced it a couple of times with one of my dogs who liked to go take strolls by himself--he always managed to find his way home, I would get hysterical every time! And one of my cats decided he did not like who was sitting in my apartment when I went out--I still do not know where he hid--all I know is I walked the streets for hours looking for him. It wasn't until I had about given up and was crying my eyes out when he came out of hiding to make sure I was okay!!! I can't begin to imagine what it would have felt like if one of my furbabies had ever been stolen!!

Holly's boyfriend, Wade has a dog. Now dogs can drive the neighbors crazy with their barking and this dog was super friendly and would make friends with people walking along the street. Of course the dog was adopted ftom a shelter and was a pure breed--

When Wade comes home from work and finds his dog missing he goes to tell Holly and they immediately start to make a plan to go find him. Bridgit gets somewhat involved as does one of the police officers--just when they are running out of suspects--they have an idea--Jett (Bridgit's dog) has been trained for search and rescue in his younger days--

Will Jett be able to sniff out his friend so that there will be a happily ever after?

This book had me enthralled since I had furbabies who were lost for a period of time--I hope it never happens to anyone else! Read this engrossing novel to find out who the despicable person was!!!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

A missing dog.
A heartbroken young man.
Stolen out of anger or affection?
Or to be put at stud?
After all, the Shar-Pei was a beauty and worth a lot of money!

When Wade’s dog goes missing, Holly and the sheriff’s department join in the search. But is it too late for Zeus?

If you’ve ever felt the pain of losing a dog, you’ll have no trouble identifying with Holly’s boyfriend as he searches for his best friend.

This is the fourth book in the Holly Lewis Mystery Series, a modern-day version of Nancy Drew by a two-time USA Today Bestselling Author.

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

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USA TODAY bestselling author and seven time Amazon All Star Author, Dianne Harman, draws her stories and characters from a diverse business and personal background. She owned a national antique and art appraisal business for many years, left that industry, and opened two yoga centers where she taught and certified yoga instructors. She's traveled extensively throughout the world and loves nothing more than cooking, playing backgammon with her husband, Tom, and throwing the ball for their dog, Kelly.

Being a dog lover and having attended numerous cooking schools, she couldn't resist writing about food and dogs. Dianne is the author of several cozy mystery series: Cedar Bay, Liz Lucas, High Desert, Midwest, Jack Trout, and the Northwest. Each of these books contains recipes from her travels. Alexis, the first book in the Midlife Journey Series was also recently published. She's the author of the award-winning suspenseful Coyote Series.

Murder in the Pearl District was chosen by Amazon to be one of their Mystery books in their October, 2016 homage of great writing by independent authors and several of her books have been chosen by them as PRIME books!

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Darlene said...

We had our 2 black labs go missing (they visited our neighbors), but I called my husband home from work to help looking for them. As soon as they heard his voice they came home.

Jackie said...

When I was a kid our dog ran away twice. It was heartbreaking looking for her. She came home within hours the same day.

qnofdnile said...

My cat Patches one time snuck out and we couldn't find him. My son and I thought he was dead and when we went grocery shopping and saw the pet isle we cried. Then one day I am washing dishes and I hear a meow. There he was all muddy, bloody and skinny. It had been 2 weeks. We were so happy to see him and he came right to me and I don't think he escaped ever again.

Jo said...

I would do everything possible in this world and beyond to find my furbaby

Linda Kish said...

I did have a cat go missing and looked for her for months. We never did find her. She was the last of our outside cats. Then they all stayed inside.

Daniel M said...

our cat got out last night and haven't found him yet, been calling all day and no sign of him.. going down to 35 degrees tonight, hope he gets a brain and comes back

Deb PelletierC said...

When a pet was missing my sister would cry and cry. So we would look everywhere for that pet.

ptclayton said...

Oh my goodness we have outside cats and one of the cats just stayed at our house and loved one of our Chihuahuas well he would show off and climb a tree really high when we came out of the house. He would follow her around and she was the oldest of the 2. Well we haven't seen him in 3 months and every day I went out several times when the pups had to go out and I would call him. We live in a very rural area and my husband told me he thought that a bird might of gotten him or one of the predators that we have around but I am still hoping that he will come back and see us he was just a gem. Peggy Clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

Lauryn R said...

I sure have! This Summer our kitten went missing, she had slipped out of an open door. My three kids (they are really young) were so upset and we went around the whole neighborhood calling her name. In reality she was only gone a couple of hours, but it was still upsetting for us!

Sara Zielinski said...

This book sounds amazing

Calvin F. said...

Yes my cat ran off multiple times.. definitely had to get my neighbor to help once, ge stood on the roof to help him get off the tree..

Carol Schmoker said...

My JR Mewing was lost when my apartment was broken into one New Year's Eve. He had almost starved to death by the time I found him since it was unusually cold & icy in Dallas & he was an indoor cat.

Sherry said...

I've been really lucky and none of them have ever disappeared but I would do anything to find them if they did.

DVDgal75 said...

I watch my dogs like children. Sadly I did have to put my senior boy down this past weekend.

Kristi Friesen said...

I've had dogs that go missing for a short time and yes, I would do anything to find them.

Erin N said...

We used to have cats go missing growing up. That is why I keep my cats indoors only now :P

deana dietrich said...

I have never had a pet go missing but I would go the ends of the earth for them!

donna porter said...

I have never had a pet go missing and pray this never happens. I can not even imagine my baby missing!

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