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It's Been a Long Time Coming--Our Earth is Going Through A Massive Change

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Back when I was taking Geology as part of the environmental degree I was taught that the earth has natural cycles--and that the next ice age was approx 10,000 years late. I suppose that is true--All I know for sure is that this old earth is changing and rapidly lately. The glaciers are melting which make the seas rise --Which does not bode well for low lying countries, land and barrier islands.

Now we are experiencing larger and more dangerous hurricanes. Volcanoes are erupting with more frequency. Earthquakes seem to be happening more frequently as well--or it seems. And these are world wide phenomena, not only in the United States! Animals are going extinct at an alarming rate.

In my opinion yes, humans have helped this change along--BUT it is also a natural occurrence which happens periodically. We all have our own opinions-and we all have a right to our own opinion--I agree to disagree and will not get into arguments over this!

I just wonder where all this will end and where we will all be in the greater scheme of things.

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TDK said...

This was beat to read and I completely agree. Didn't think it out like this tho

Gladys Parker said...

Nice to see you are posting more. I hope all is well!

Edna Williams said...

Yes! I totally agree! I think it is pompous and arrogant to think that we alone are affecting the planet in this way. The Earth has been around so much longer than we have, and it will be here long after we are gone. It always has and always will cycle through it's own stages with or without us. Thanks for sharing!

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