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I Have Been Hit by the US/China Trade Debacle!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I really wasn't paying too much attention to the trade war between the US and China--but now I am!! It hit home!!

I ordered a pair of sandals over the internet-I won't say the name of the company since they are also smack dab in the middle of all this also. Although I am not too thrilled that they charged my credit card--and still haven't sent the sandals. They did respond to my email very quickly. They again gave an approximate date (which they probably should not have) and stated that since an important part of the sandal was made in China-and they were still waiting to get it--and they got way more orders then they expected---yada yada yada. At least they took that ad off Facebook for now at least.

Now that the trade war is escalating even more-yes-I am now paying attention--I am wondering if I will ever get those sandals--at least in time for next summer? I wonder if that company will have to move out of China and start elsewhere.

All I am pretty confident in saying at this point is-------PRICES WILL BE GOING UP FOR YOU AND ME----That is NOT a very good thing to happen for our personal economies!

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Gladys Parker said...

In my opinion, the company should have collected no money and given you and the other consumers the choice of waiting or not waiting! This whole ordral is way out of hand. Why can't they ever do anything that doesn't affect the mid class or poor man? That is my question. Your new captcha isn't playing nice with my eyes 👀

JoKing said...

It is sad and unfortunately will only get worse if something is not done.

susan1215 said...

Yes I agree prices on products from China will go up. I hope you get your sandals!

Jambamsmom0311 said...

I agree completely. I have a small boutique on FB and yes, what I don’t make by hand is made in China. I’m paying at least 1/5th more than I was before so I really hope there is a resolution to it all very soon. Any luck on your sandals yet? Good lick hun!!

Calvin F. said...

It's a sad news, but yeah I guess we do have lots of things that are made in china.

Edna Williams said...

I am unfortunately in agreement with you. However, hopefully the pandemic has taught us that out-sourcing all of our manufacturing to other countries is not the smartest way to go. Thanks for sharing!

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