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I Guess I Got Distracted

Sunday, September 15, 2019

You may remember me saying I ordered sandals online but due to unforeseen reasons having to do with China--they were taking a very long time getting here. I had also ordered a couple of other things at around the same time.

About a week ago I decided to go to my mailbox in the building--a package was in there. It actually felt like something other then sandals and that package remained unopened on my dining room table. Then a second package--on the table it went.

On my birthday I finally decided to open those packages----

Low and behold ne of them was the sandals! I love them and they fit. I had needed some new bras--these were in the 2nd package.

There was a reason I didn't think that package contained the sandals. I had ordered a type of exercise thing that uses bands so you aren't standing too much-kind of a pully system. Well-they kept sending me emails on how to use it correctly so I really thought that what was in package number 1. I figured I could wait on starting exercising-----

Well I am still waiting for that and one other thing--guess I should stop by my mailbox!! Sometimes there are other things besides bills in there!

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