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I Am NOT a Happy Camper this Labor Day BUT am Grateful!

Monday, September 2, 2019

It is the Labor Day Weekend in the US today. People are out and about visiting friends--going to the lakes or beach and generally relaxing. Well I am relaxing that is for sure--

I live on the top floor of the apartment building--that is up on the 7th floor---I came home yesterday and saw a sign on the elevator in the basement--elevator out of order. I took a big chance and was actually able to use it to get up here--it acted as a local--stopped at every floor--but believe me when I tell you I was extremely grateful. The last time this happened I had to go out three times --up and down 7 flights of stairs--and it took months for my legs to be able to lift me from a chair-or even allow me to sit without using my arms to brace myself.

I am also grateful that I told my client that I normally go to on Mondays that I would be there Tuesday instead--also that I took my almost 97 year old Mom out shopping yesterday!!

I wonder if they will get an emergency elevator repair in today at some point--somehow I doubt it which is why I am NOT a happy camper. The last time this happened it took them 4 days to get someone in here.

So, on a day when I should be outside--I am stuck in my apartment----

At least I don't live in the Bahama's or the southeast coastline where Dorian is creating uncertainty and havoc--my heartfelt prayers go out to all the people and pets and other animals in the hurricane's path!

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Michele P. said...

eek! 7 flights of stairs is hard for anyone! I have trouble with 1 due to a bad knee, so I know how it is. Enjoy your day and relax, you deserve it. I am home too relaxing, while I love the sales and shopping I just wasn't feeling it this year. Did do some shopping online though lol. I too am glad I am not in the path of the hurricane and hope that those that are stay safe and that it changes course and goes out to sea.

MaryAnn said...

Sorry this is happening to you. Hope all gets fixed soon.

Mama Blamer said...

That would be awful having to climb 6 flights of stairs everyday. I have family in florida so i pray they stay safe with hurricane dorian.

Melissa Storms said...

Ah yeah, that is awful and it is always good to find something to feel grateful for. It is something I am trying to apply to my own life. It means I have to change my naturally pessimistic thought pattern but is definitely worth it.

Gladys Parker said...

Well, did they fix it? I cannot believe they are allowed to leave it not working without a backup. I sure hope you cancelled some of your plans to go out during this time. Please be careful.

JoKing said...

Only one elevator on a 7 story building? THat sucks.

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