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Friday the 13th--Full Moon--HELP!

Friday, September 13, 2019

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From what I have been reading while looking for a pic--this hasn't happened in 13 (or 20) years depending on what you are reading and this celestial coincidence won't happen again for another 13 years or so--I for one am very glad to hear that!!

Yes I am superstitious! Oh not the type who is afraid of stepping on a crack and breaking my Mom's back--she will be 97 in November and her back is perfectly fine thank you very much! And black cats don't worry me one little bit--now walking under a ladder-----well I'd rather not take a chance on that!

But being born on a 13th --well lets just say some strange things have happened when my birthday happens to fall on a Friday and leave it at that. But a full moon as well--isn't that when all the hospital emergency rooms seem to be crazy and even crazier things happen on the streets keeping our police very busy?

I would like nothing more then to stay home for 24 hours with my blanket covering me and my head--but alas that is not to be. My Mom decided that a lunch at the Outback would be a perfect birthday outing for me (who am I to disagree)--but right after that--back home I will hurry to my cat, my bed and my blanket!

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