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Baby my Cat-The Older She Gets--the More Demanding!!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

See that sweet adorable little fur baby of mine up there? She really is pretty and as long as she gets her own way--and IMMEDIATELY-all is well with her life and with mine! When she doesn't have me moving a quickly as possible--then she turns into

Yup--a Tasmanian Devil;!!

How many times I have to run out to the store to buy human ham or turkey for her midday snack-I have lost count. And once I have it plated (on one of my dishes much less) she is VERY vocal about me rushing to put it down.

If she wants attention--she sits up on her haunches next to me and digs those sharp claws into my leg until I reach down and pet her--OR if I don't wake up early enough she either scratches at papers or starts throwing items off my desk onto the floor-OR she starts scratching at the computer screen (luckily I have a screen that does not scratch!!)--that is her last resort and it sure gets me up quickly!! Hey it is her breakfast time--or at least she deems it as such.

If I don't say goodbye to her when I am leaving the apartment (I have yet to find her hiding spot)--do I ever hear it when I get home--like I said-she is very vocal! Bedtime is when SHE says it is and she will bother the heck out of me until I give up-turn off the computer and go to bed. She them proceeds to knead me for a while as I am petting her--

Other then all the above she is getting older and sleeps a lot! AND I LOVE HER TO PIECES--and tell her that all the time!!

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Antoinette M said...

You have an adorable cat!

Gladys Parker said...

Awe, you are saying that pretty little kitty requires her own way? I think maybe you are telling tales on her. Lol Give her some pettings from me.

tat2gurlzrock said...

She is so pretty! I have 3 indoor cats. My 2 year old black Siamese is VERY demanding!

pippirose said...

She is lovely. I miss having a cat, as demanding and finicky as they can be. My husbands highly allergic to them.

megistrate said...

I have a cat just like that one. So precious. I give him so much attention.

JoKing said...

They are demanding but how can you not truly adore them!

Stacey Smith said...

have 9 cats and my oldest one does the same thing.and when she finds a spot she wants to lay she will kick all the stuff out of it to lay there.

Terri said...

Sounds like you spoiled her. But I cannot blame you. She is so cute. My cat is the same but they give us love back so it’s okay. 🙂

donna porter said...

No other way but spoil those fur babies! I have a 10 year old doggy named Sheba and my husband and I never had any children so needless to say our girl is WAY WAY passed spoiled!!!

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