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Book Review-The Retreat-Chariss K Walker

Monday, August 12, 2019

Amanda lost her Mom to cancer and discovered her husband in their marital bed with another woman the next day. She was doubly devastated and stayed in a depressed state for a year until her friends finally convinced her to go on a retreat. She took their advice and went to a remote cabin way up in the mountains where she encountered her totems in a peaceful spot--a wolf, a bear, a hawk and a swarm of bees--all on different days. She was able to reconcile all that had occurred in her life and learned to be happy again.

She decided to take a side trip to Santa Fe before she went home--and loved it there. Back home she took up her artist brush after many years and started her life anew.

This novel of the progression from depression and hopelessness to happiness and joy will inspire everyone!!

About the Book: (from Amazon)

Looking for answers and desperate for change, Amanda goes on an awe-inspiring spirit quest in the Jemez Mountains. While in that remote location, she meets a wolf, a bear, a hawk, and a swarm of bees. These surprising personal totems lead Amanda to eye-opening and much-needed answers. Magically imbued with a desire to live again, Amanda understands where her path detoured. This heartwarming, magical realism adventure could be any one of us facing personal tragedy - whether the crisis is death, divorce, or loss. Follow Amanda’s inspiring steps to recovery as they lead to healing. Enjoy the magic!

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About the Author: (from Amazon)

Award-winning author, Chariss K. Walker, M.Msc., Reiki Master/Teacher, writes both fiction and nonfiction books with a metaphysical and spiritual component. Her fiction expresses a visionary/metaphysical message that illustrates growth in a character's consciousness while utilizing a paranormal aspect. Her nonfiction books share insight, hope, and inspiration.

Those who search for meaning and the supernatural in themselves will enjoy her books.

Even though Chariss writes dark-fiction about insanely dark topics, such as sexual abuse, incest, pedophilia, sexual assault, and other inappropriate dinner conversation, there is always an essential question of the abstract nature that gives a reader increasing awareness and perception. All of her books are sold worldwide in eBook, paperback, and many are in large print. Click the "follow" button to find out when new books are released. You can learn more about Chariss at

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