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Food in Hospitals? Do They Know What They Are Doing?

Monday, July 29, 2019

A couple of years ago I was in the hospital--three times--and at least one of those times I was fighting about the food. There was just too much of it and although they were told that I have Diabetes 2--the food sure didn't follow any diabetic rules that I am aware of. The food was actually quite good--but I ended up throwing a lot of it away!! Prednisone makes my blood sugar spike and the doctor had that flowing into my veins so I knew I had to be careful. I am not on insulin and am able to control my blood sugar with the food I eat and Metformin. Well--number one--they were trying to get me to eat an 1800 calorie diet--uh--not happening--I don't eat that much when I am home! Then things would appear on my tray that I never asked for--the head of dietary finally came to talk to me and I am now aware, at least at that hospital-that they have a scale down there and they have to see 1800 calories-no matter what I order! Thus I just threw out what I knew was bad for me. They kept trying to get me to accept insulin shots--I let them give me one--and low and behold at the next meal a full sugar drink appeared on my tray---I let them know I spotted it!! They called in a Diabetic Doctor--he didn't know what to say--but I did hear him tell the head of dietary that I knew what I was doing! In my opinion--they tried to get me to take insulin because they didn't want to worry about what was on my tray-------I thought that maybe it was just that hospital----

One of my oldest friends ended up in the hospital recently. He was in really bad shape and ended up needing dialysis. Thankfully he is totally on the mend now--But he is also diabetic, and controls it without insulin. Once he was off all the stuff they had him hooked up to he realized that what they were feeding him was making his blood sugar sky rocket-and like me he started either not eating it and complaining. They also tried to get him to take insulin--NO THANK YOU--This is a totally different hospital from the one I was in. Luckily this hospital allowed his wife to bring food in--he needs his strength!

Not done yet--I was speaking to one of my cousins the other night. She had to spend a night or two in a hospital. She sounds great now but she said the food was horrendous. She is a Celiac and really can not go near anything with Gluten-----They knew this----but it took several meals before they began giving her the correct diet--then they also put her on a no salt-low cholesterol diet. She has normally low blood pressure and her cholesterol is just fine! This was a different hospital that I was in or that my friend is in.

I am writing all this as a warning to all of you--if you have the misfortune to be admitted to a hospital-any hospital (and I truly hope you all stay healthy and don't have to go into one) BE VERY CAREFUL--know what you can eat--and really watch what is on your tray-------

Have any of you ever had a problem like this?

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Gladys Parker said...

I commend you for being able to stay under a 1800 calorie diet. I am the opposite I have a huge appetite. I agree that they want things the easiest for themselves. They want conformity (is that the word)? Thank-you for spreading the word, therefore, possibly helping others. I was in physical rehab and was suppose to be on a 1600 calorie diet yet I was always full. I didn't complain I like food and at the time was not diabetic, however, when the Dr. asked in front of staff if I was sticking to a 1600 calorie diet I told him the truth and what I was being served. The right hand must know what the left hand is doing!

Mary Gardner said...

Thanks for letting us know about this problem. I have thankfully only been hospitalized a couple of times in my life and did not have to deal with this since I am not diabetic. But as I am getting older this is something I need to be aware of.

Edna Williams said...

I commend your continued progress! I agree. My husband was put on a renal diet when I made it clear he could not tolerate it because it caused his electrolytes to plummet. I am afraid I had to get a little aggressive to make them hear me. Thanks for sharing!

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